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[ Källkod: fglrx-driver  ]

Paket: fglrx-driver (1:10-9-3squeeze1) [non-free]

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non-free AMD/ATI r6xx - r7xx display driver

Display driver for the ATI recent Radeon and FireGL graphics cards.

This package provides 2D display drivers and hardware accelerated OpenGL for X.Org version 7.1. For 3D acceleration to work, you will need to compile the fglrx kernel module for your kernel: see the fglrx-source package. Note that the driver will work without the kernel module, but 3D acceleration will be disabled.

The driver can work with plain mesa libGL, but some applications may require the proprietary libGL. This library is shipped in the fglrx-glx package.

This driver is not free. As an alternative, you may try the newest free driver xserver-xorg-video-radeon.

This driver will replace parts of your X11 and Mesa system.

Märken: Systemadministration: Maskinvarustöd, Hardware Enablement: Graphics and Video, Implemented in: C, Role: Plugin, Shared Library, Purpose: Hardware Driver, Works with: Video and Animation

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