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TeX and MathML library for Java (native code)

The JMathTeX library provides a set of Java classes for displaying (complex) mathematical formulas as part of a Java application. Some use cases are:

 * Displaying text with embedded formulas (in an editor pane, a JavaHelp
   page, ...)
 * Make a combo box which provides the user with a choice between various
 * Have a slider with ticks that display their values not as decimal numbers,
   but as exact values, e.g., fractions, square roots or any combination of
 * Display the formula together with the graph of a function.
The library uses the typesetting algorithms of the well-known TeX and LaTeX systems and therefore displays formulas in a very professional looking way. Formulas are Java-objects that can be built from scratch (by combining smaller formulas in several ways) and from LaTeX strings. There is also limited support for MathML.

This package contains the natively compiled code for use by gij.

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