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Paket: libffcall-dev (2.2-1) [debports]

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foreign function call libraries - development files

ffcall is a collection of libraries which can be used to build foreign function call interfaces in embedded interpreters.

The main libffcall library consists of two parts:

   avcall - calling C functions with variable arguments

   callback - closures with variable arguments as first-class C functions

The avcall and callback modules are also provided as separate libraries, but those are deprecated and are installed only for backward compatibility.

Two other libraries are provided:

   vacall - C functions accepting variable argument prototypes
   (non-reentrant variant of part of 'callback')

   trampoline - closures as first-class C functions
   (non-reentrant variant of part of 'callback')

This package also includes documentation, in HTML format and as manual pages.

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