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Paket: libexadrums-dev (0.4.1-1) [debports]

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Software drum module (development)

ExaDrums is a virtual drum module that allows drummers play with custom-made drum kits.

It is user-friendly and combines high quality stereo sound with low latency.

Each drum kit provides individual sliders in order to control the volume of its drum pads.

A built-in metronome can be combined with a rhythm coach to make practice sessions easier and efficient.

The drum triggers can be adjusted so that their response feels as natural as possible, and different sensor interfaces include a virtual (on-screen) multi pad and external sensors.

Although eXaDrums is usable as a drum module, it is still an experimental project. As such, some features are not yet implemented, and the error management is not complete.

This package provides the C++ headers.

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