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Paket: xombrero (2:1.6.3-1) [debports]

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minimalist web browser

xombrero is a minimalist web browser with sophisticated security features designed-in, rather than through an add-on after-the-fact. In particular, it provides both persistent and per-session controls for scripts and cookies, making it easy to thwart tracking and scripting attacks.

In addition to providing a familiar mouse-based interface like other web browsers, it offers a set of vi-like keyboard commands for users who prefer to keep their hands on their keyboard.

The default settings provide a secure environment. With simple keyboard commands, the user can whitelist specific sites, allowing cookies and scripts from those sites.

xombrero is light and has a very good performance when running over network connections, as SSH forwarded tunnels.

The major features are:

  - Tabbed browsing;
  - Written entirely in C;
  - Based on Webkit and GTK3, with GTK2 compatibility;
  - Built with security in mind;
  - Minimal on-screen layout;
  - Cookie, javascript and plugin toggles and whitelists;
  - Browsing session data auto-saves in case of crash;
  - Simple integration with Tor and other web proxies;
  - vi-like default keybindings;
  - Mouse-less browsing;
  - Basic MIME support;
  - Seamless upgrade process;
  - DNS and link prefetch disabled by default;
  - Colorful address bar indicates HTTPS certificate status;
  - Control over user_agent presented to sites;
  - Download manager;
  - Text-based config file;
  - Bookmarks, i.e. favorites;
  - Printing, including to PDF.

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