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Paket: subsurface (4.2-5)

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Logbook program for scuba divers

Subsurface is able to track single- and multi-tank dives using air, Nitrox or TriMix. It also allows logging of weights and exposure protection used, dive masters and dive buddies and enables the user to rate dives and provide additional dive notes.

With Subsurface the user can track dive locations including GPS coordinates (which can also conveniently be entered using a map interface). Subsurface calculates a wide variety of statistics of the user's diving and calculates and tracks information like the user's SAC rate, partial pressures of O2, N2 and He, calculated deco information, and many more.

Märken: Interface Toolkit: Qt

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amd64 669,8 kbyte1.945,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
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