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Paket: libpolybori-groebner-0.8-3-dbg (0.8.3-3 och andra)

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debug symbols for libpolybori-groebner-0.8-3

The core of PolyBoRi is a C++ library, which provides high-level data types for Boolean polynomials and monomials, exponent vectors, as well as for the underlying polynomial rings and subsets of the powerset of the Boolean variables. As a unique approach, binary decision diagrams are used as internal storage type for polynomial structures. On top of this C++-library a Python interface is provided. This allows parsing of complex polynomial systems, as well as sophisticated and extendable strategies for Groebner base computation. PolyBoRi features a powerful reference implementation for Groebner basis computation.

This package contains the debugging symbols of PolyBoRi's shared library libpolybori-groebner.

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