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[ Källkod: fvwm-crystal  ]

Paket: fvwm-crystal (3.3.1+dfsg-1)

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Pretty Desktop Environment based on FVWM

FVWM-crystal creates an easy to use desktop environment using fvwm2 as its window manager and main core. From another point of view its just a very powerful fvwm configuration.

A file manager may be optionally used to display desktop icons, ROX-filer and nautilus are supported for this task. FVWM-crystal furthermore has UI integration for various music players, among them audacious and mpd.

There is also a very powerful menu system that has an extensive default configuration but may be customized and extended by each user to fit personal requirements.

Märken: Made Of: Icons, Role: Application Data, Scope: Utility, X Window System: Theme

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