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Paket: devscripts (2.15.3+deb8u1)

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scripts to make the life of a Debian Package maintainer easier

Contains the following scripts, dependencies/recommendations shown in brackets afterwards:

 - annotate-output: run a command and prepend time and stream (O for stdout,
   E for stderr) for every line of output
 - archpath: print tla/Bazaar package names [tla | bazaar]
 - bts: a command-line tool for manipulating the BTS [www-browser,
   libauthen-sasl-perl, libnet-smtp-ssl-perl, libsoap-lite-perl, libwww-perl,
   bsd-mailx | mailx]
 - build-rdeps: search for all packages that build-depend on a given package
 - chdist: tool to easily play with several distributions [dctrl-tools]
 - checkbashisms: check whether a /bin/sh script contains any common
   bash-specific contructs
 - cowpoke: upload a Debian source package to a cowbuilder host and build it,
   optionally also signing and uploading the result to an incoming queue
 - cvs-debi, cvs-debc: wrappers around debi and debc respectively (see below)
   which allow them to be called from the CVS working directory
 - cvs-debrelease: wrapper around debrelease which allows it to be called
   from the CVS working directory [cvs-buildpackage, dupload | dput,
 - cvs-debuild: wrapper for cvs-buildpackage to use debuild as its package
   building program [cvs-buildpackage, fakeroot, lintian, gnupg]
 - dcmd: run a given command replacing the name of a .changes or .dsc file
   with each of the files referenced therein
 - dcontrol: remotely query package and source control files for all Debian
   distributions [liburl-perl, libwww-perl]
 - dd-list: given a list of packages, pretty-print it ordered by maintainer
 - debc: display the contents of just-built .debs
 - debchange/dch: automagically add entries to debian/changelog files
   [libdistro-info-perl, libparse-debcontrol-perl, libsoap-lite-perl]
 - debcheckout: checkout the development repository of a Debian package
 - debclean: clean a Debian source tree [fakeroot]
 - debcommit: commit changes to cvs, darcs, svn, svk, tla, bzr, git, or hg,
   basing commit message on changelog [cvs | darcs | subversion | svk | tla |
   bzr | git-core | mercurial, libtimedate-perl]
 - debdiff: compare two versions of a Debian package to check for
   added and removed files. Use the debbindiff package for deep comparisons.
   [wdiff, patchutils]
 - debi: install a just-built package
 - debpkg: dpkg wrapper to be able to manage/test packages without su
 - debrelease: wrapper around dupload or dput [dupload | dput, ssh-client]
 - debsign, debrsign: sign a .changes/.dsc pair without needing any of
   the rest of the package to be present; can sign the pair remotely
   or fetch the pair from a remote machine for signing [gnupg,
   debian-keyring, ssh-client]
 - debsnap: grab packages from [libwww-perl,
 - debuild: wrapper to build a package without having to su or worry
   about how to invoke dpkg to build using fakeroot.  Also deals
   with common environment problems, umask etc. [fakeroot, lintian, gnupg]
 - deb-reversion: increase a binary package version number and repacks the
   package, useful for porters and the like
 - dep3changelog: generate a changelog entry from a DEP3-style patch header
 - desktop2menu: given a desktop file, generate a skeleton
   for a menu file [libfile-desktopentry-perl]
 - dget: download Debian source and binary packages [wget | curl]
 - diff2patches: extract patches from a .diff.gz file placing them under
   debian/ or, if present, debian/patches [patchutils]
 - dpkg-depcheck, dpkg-genbuilddeps: determine the packages used during
   the build of a Debian package; useful for determining the Build-Depends
   control field needed [build-essential, strace]
 - dscextract: extract a single file from a Debian source package [patchutils]
 - dscverify: verify the integrity of a Debian package from the
   .changes or .dsc files [gnupg, debian-keyring, libdigest-md5-perl]
 - edit-patch: add/edit a patch for a source package and commit the changes
   [quilt | dpatch | cdbs]
 - getbuildlog: download package build logs from Debian auto-builders [wget]
 - grep-excuses: grep the update_excuses.html file for your packages
   [libterm-size-perl, wget, w3m]
 - licensecheck: attempt to determine the license of source files
 - list-unreleased: search for unreleased packages
 - manpage-alert: locate binaries without corresponding manpages [man-db]
 - mass-bug: mass-file bug reports [bsd-mailx | mailx]
 - mergechanges: merge .changes files from the same release but built
   on different architectures
 - mk-build-deps: given a package name and/or control file, generate a binary
   package which may be installed to satisfy the build-dependencies of the
   given package [equivs]
 - mk-origtargz: rename upstream tarball, optionally changing the compression
   and removing unwanted files [unzip, xz-utils, file]
 - namecheck: check project names are not already taken
 - nmudiff: mail a diff of the current package against the previous version
   to the BTS to assist in tracking NMUs [patchutils, mutt]
 - origtargz: fetch the orig tarball of a Debian package from various sources,
   and unpack it
 - plotchangelog: view a nice plot of the data in a changelog file
   [libtimedate-perl, gnuplot]
 - pts-subscribe: subscribe to the PTS for a limited period of time
   [bsd-mailx | mailx, at]
 - rc-alert: list installed packages which have release-critical bugs
   [wget | curl]
 - rmadison: remotely query the Debian archive database about packages
   [liburi-perl, wget | curl]
 - sadt: run DEP-8 tests [python3-debian]
 - suspicious-source: output a list of files which are not common source
   files [python3-magic]
 - svnpath: print Subversion repository paths [subversion]
 - tagpending: run from a Debian source tree and tag bugs that are to be
   closed in the latest changelog as pending [libsoap-lite-perl]
 - transition-check: check a list of source packages for involvement in
   transitions for which uploads to unstable are currently blocked
   [libwww-perl, libyaml-syck-perl]
 - uscan: scan upstream sites for new releases of packages [gpgv, gnupg,
   liblwp-protocol-https-perl, libwww-perl, unzip, xz-utils, file]
 - uupdate: integrate upstream changes into a source package [patch]
 - what-patch: determine what patch system, if any, a source package is using
 - whodepends: check which maintainers' packages depend on a package
 - who-uploads: determine the most recent uploaders of a package to the Debian
   archive [gnupg, debian-keyring, debian-maintainers, wget]
 - wnpp-alert: list installed packages which are orphaned or up for adoption
   [wget | curl]
 - wnpp-check: check whether there is an open request for packaging or
   intention to package bug for a package [wget | curl]
 - who-permits-upload: Retrieve information about Debian Maintainer access
   control lists [gnupg, libencode-locale-perl, libparse-debcontrol-perl,
   libwww-perl, debian-keyring]
 - wrap-and-sort: wrap long lines and sort items in packaging files

Also included are a set of example mail filters for filtering mail from Debian mailing lists using exim, procmail, etc.

Märken: Software Development: Debian, Packaging, Implemented in: implemented-in::perl, interface::commandline, Role: Program, Scope: Utility, Application Suite: suite::debian, use::checking, Works with: Bugs or Issues, works-with::software:package, works-with::software:source

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