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software convolution engine

BruteFIR is a program for applying long FIR filters to multi-channel digital audio, either offline or in realtime. Its basic operation is specified through a configuration file, and filters, attenuation and delay can be changed in runtime through a simple command line interface. The FIR filter algorithm used is an optimised frequency domain algorithm, partly implemented in hand-coded assembler, thus throughput is extremely high. In realtime, a standard computer can typically run more than 10 channels with more than 60000 filter taps each.

Through its highly modular design, things like adaptive filtering, signal generators and sample I/O are easily added, extended and modified, without the need to alter the program itself.

Märken: User Interface: Command Line, Role: Program, Scope: Utility, Sound and Music: sound::mixer, use::converting, Works with: Audio

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