Källkodspaket i "buster", Undersektion video

akqml (8.1.0+dfsg-9)
full featured webcam capture application - qml module
aravis-tools (0.5.12-1)
Aravis based tools for GenICam cameras
atomicparsley (0.9.6-1+b1)
read, parse and set metadata of MPEG-4 and 3gp files
aview (1.3.0rc1-9+b2)
A high quality ASCII art image viewer and video player
bino (1.6.6-3+b1)
3D video player
cfourcc (0.1.2-9)
command line tool for changing FourCC in Microsoft RIFF AVI files
crtmpserver (1.0~dfsg-5.5)
High performance RTMP/RTSP streaming server
crtmpserver-apps (1.0~dfsg-5.5)
base applications for the crtmpserver platform
crtmpserver-dev (1.0~dfsg-5.5)
Development files for the crtmpserver platform
deepin-movie (3.2.9-1)
Deepin movie player
devede (4.8.0-1)
simple application to create Video DVDs
dov4l (0.9+repack-1+b1)
program to set and query settings of video4linux devices
dragonplayer (4:17.08.3-1)
simple video player
dtv-scan-tables (0+git20171226.07b18ec-1)
Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) initial scan files
dvb-apps (1.1.1+rev1500-1.2)
Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) applications
dvblast (3.3-1)
Simple and powerful dvb-streaming application
dvbpsi-utils (1.3.2-1)
utilities and example programs for libdvbpsi
dvbsnoop (1.4.50-5+b1)
DVB / MPEG stream analyzer
dvbstream (0.6+cvs20090621-2)
Broadcast a DVB Transport stream over a LAN
dvbstreamer (2.1.0-5+b1)
a console based streamer for DVB/ATSC service(s)
dvbtune (0.5.ds-1.1+b1)
Simple tuning application for DVB cards
dvd+rw-tools (7.1-12)
DVD+-RW/R tools
dvdauthor (0.7.0-2)
create DVD-Video file system
dvdbackup (0.4.2-4+b1)
tool to rip DVD's from the command line
dvdtape (1.6-2+b1)
Create DVD master filesystems on DLT media
dvgrab (3.5+git20160707.1.e46042e-1)
grab digital video data via IEEE1394 and USB links
encuentro (5.0-1)
Access the content of the Encuentro channel, and others
fbtv (3.104-1+b1)
television viewer - Linux framebuffer application
ffmpeg (7:4.0.2-1+b1)
Tools for transcoding, streaming and playing of multimedia files
ffmpeg2theora (0.30-1+b3)
Theora video encoder using ffmpeg
ffmpegthumbnailer (2.1.1-0.2+b1)
fast and lightweight video thumbnailer
ffmsindex (2.23-3+b1)
Command line tool to create ffms2 index files
flowblade (1.16-2)
non-linear video editor
flvmeta (1.2.1-1)
Metadata injector for FLV video files
freetuxtv (0.6.8~dfsg1-1+b2)
Internet television and radio player
frei0r-plugins (1.6.1-2)
minimalistic plugin API for video effects, plugins collection
gmlive (0.22.3-1+b3)
live video frontend for mplayer
gnome-dvb-client (1:0.2.91~git20170110-3)
client for gnome-dvb-daemon
gnome-dvb-daemon (1:0.2.91~git20170110-3+b1)
daemon to setup your DVB devices, record and watch TV shows and browse EPG
gnome-mpv (0.14-1)
simple GTK+ frontend for mpv
gnome-twitch (0.4.1-3)
GNOME Twitch app for watching Twitch.tv streams without a browser or flash
gnome-twitch-player-backend-gstreamer-cairo (0.4.1-3)
Player backend for GNOME Twitch based on gstreamer+cairo
gnome-twitch-player-backend-gstreamer-clutter (0.4.1-3)
Player backend for GNOME Twitch based on gstreamer+clutter
gnome-twitch-player-backend-gstreamer-opengl (0.4.1-3)
Player backend for GNOME Twitch based on gstreamer+opengl
gnome-twitch-player-backend-mpv-opengl (0.4.1-3)
Player backend for GNOME Twitch based on mpv
gopchop (1.1.8-6+b1)
fast, lossless cuts-only editor for MPEG2 video files
grilo-plugins-dvb-daemon (1:0.2.91~git20170110-3+b1)
grilo plugin for gnome-dvb-daemon
growisofs (7.1-12)
DVD+-RW/R recorder
gst123 (0.3.5-2)
GStreamer based command line media player
gstreamer1.0-crystalhd (1:0.0~git20110715.fdd2f19-13)
Crystal HD Video Decoder (GStreamer plugin)
gtk-recordmydesktop (0.3.8-4.1)
Graphical frontend for recordMyDesktop screencast tool
harvid (0.8.2-1+b1)
HTTP Ardour Video Server
hasciicam (1.1.2-1+b3 [amd64, armel, armhf, i386, mips, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64el, s390x], 1.1.2-1 [arm64])
(h)ascii for the masses: live video as text
hdmi2usb-fx2-firmware (0.0.0~git20151225-2)
FX2 firmware for hdmi2usb board development
i965-va-driver (2.2.0+dfsg1-1)
VAAPI driver for Intel G45 & HD Graphics family
i965-va-driver-shaders (2.2.0-1) [non-free]
VAAPI driver for Intel G45 & HD Graphics family
imagination (3.0-7+b1)
DVD slide show maker
imagination-common (3.0-7)
DVD slide show maker - common files
kaffeine (2.0.15-2)
versatile media player for KDE
kazam (1.4.5-2)
screencast and screenshot application created with design in mind
kdenlive (18.08.0-1)
non-linear video editor
kdenlive-data (18.08.0-1)
non-linear video editor (data files)
kino (1.3.4+dfsg0-1)
Non-linear editor for Digital Video data
kmplayer (1:0.12.0b-2)
media player for KDE
libde265-examples (1.0.3-1+b1)
Open H.265 video codec implementation - examples
libdv-bin (1.0.0-11)
software library for DV format digital video (sample apps)
libheif-examples (1.3.2-1)
ISO/IEC 23008-12:2017 HEIF file format decoder - examples
libvlc-bin (3.0.4-1+b1)
tools for VLC's base library
lives (2.8.9-1+b1)
Video Editing system allowing users to edit and create video
lives-data (2.8.9-1)
Data files for LiVES
lives-plugins (2.8.9-1+b1)
LiVES plugins pack
m2vrequantiser (1.1-3+b1)
MPEG-2 streams requantization
mencoder (2:1.3.0-8+b2)
MPlayer's Movie Encoder
minitube (2.9-1)
Native YouTube client
mjpegtools (1:2.1.0+debian-5)
MJPEG capture/editing/replay and MPEG encoding toolset
mjpegtools-gtk (1:2.1.0+debian-5)
MJPEG capture/editing/replay and MPEG encoding toolset (GTK+ frontend)
mkvtoolnix (26.0.0-1)
Set of command-line tools to work with Matroska files
mkvtoolnix-gui (26.0.0-1)
Set of tools to work with Matroska files - GUI frontend
mlbstreamer (0.0.10-3)
Interface to the MLB.TV media offering
motion (4.1.1-1.1+b1)
V4L capture program supporting motion detection
mplayer (2:1.3.0-8+b2)
movie player for Unix-like systems
mplayer-gui (2:1.3.0-8+b2)
movie player for Unix-like systems (GUI variant)
mpv (0.29.0-1+b1)
video player based on MPlayer/mplayer2
multicat (2.3-1)
Set of tools for multicast and transport stream manipulation
mumudvb (1.7.1-1+b1)
multicasts all channels of a DVB transponder on a network
nageru (1.7.4-1)
modern free software video mixer
nomnom (0.3.1-2+b1)
download videos from Youtube and other similar video websites
nordlicht (0.4.5-1+b1)
create colorful video barcodes
nvidia-legacy-340xx-vdpau-driver (340.107-2) [non-free]
Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix - NVIDIA driver (340xx legacy)
nvidia-vdpau-driver (390.77-1) [non-free]
Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix - NVIDIA driver
obs-plugins (21.1.2+dfsg1-1+b1)
recorder and streamer for live video content (plugins)
obs-studio (21.1.2+dfsg1-1+b1)
recorder and streamer for live video content
ogmrip (1.0.1-1+b2)
Application for ripping and encoding DVD
ogmrip-plugins (1.0.1-1+b2)
Application for ripping and encoding DVD - plugins
openalpr (2.3.0-1.1)
Command line program to operate the OpenALPR library
openalpr-daemon (2.3.0-1.1)
Daemon to run OpenALPR in the background
openshot (2.4.2+dfsg1-1)
create and edit videos and movies (transitional package)
openshot-qt (2.4.2+dfsg1-1)
create and edit videos and movies
photofilmstrip (3.5.1-2)
Slideshow creator with Ken Burns effect
pia (3.104-1+b1)
movie player for xawtv
python-templayer (1.5.1-3)
layered template library for Python
pyvnc2swf (0.9.5-5)
screen recording tool with Flash (SWF) output
qml-module-qtav (1.12.0+ds-5+b2)
QtAV QML module
qstopmotion (2.4.0-1)
Application for creating stop-motion animation movies
qtav-players (1.12.0+ds-5+b2)
QtAV/QML players
recordmydesktop (
Captures audio-video data of a Linux desktop session
scantv (3.104-1+b1)
television channel-scanner
ser-player (1.7.2-3)
Video player and processing utility for SER files
shotdetect (1.0.86-5+b2)
scene change detector
simplescreenrecorder (0.3.11-1+b1)
Feature-rich screen recorder for X11 and OpenGL
smpeg-gtv (0.4.5+cvs20030824-7.2+b1)
SMPEG GTK+ MPEG audio/video player
smpeg-plaympeg (0.4.5+cvs20030824-7.2+b1)
SMPEG command line MPEG audio/video player
smplayer (18.5.0~ds1-2)
Complete front-end for MPlayer and mpv
smplayer-themes (1:17.3.0-1)
complete front-end for MPlayer - icon themes
smtube (18.3.0-1)
YouTube videos browser
sreview-common (0.3.1-2)
SReview -- common code
sreview-detect (0.3.1-2)
SReview input detection script
sreview-encoder (0.3.1-2)
SReview encoder code
sreview-master (0.3.1-2)
SReview components for master host
sreview-web (0.3.1-2)
SReview webinterface
streamer (3.104-1+b1)
television capture tool (images/movies)
streamlink (0.14.2+dfsg-1)
CLI for extracting video streams from various websites to a video player
totem (3.26.2-1)
Simple media player for the GNOME desktop based on GStreamer
totem-common (3.26.2-1)
Data files for the Totem media player
totem-plugins (3.26.2-1)
Plugins for the Totem media player
tsdecrypt (10.0-2+b2)
decrypt MPEG transport stream
tvnamer (2.4-1)
utility to rename TV-show episodes files
tvtime (1.0.11-1)
analog television display application
v4l-conf (3.104-1+b1)
tool to configure video4linux drivers
va-driver-all (2.2.0-1)
Video Acceleration (VA) API -- driver metapackage
vamps (0.99.2-4+b2)
Tool to recompress and modify the structure of a DVD
vdpau-driver-all (1.1.1-8)
Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix (driver metapackage)
vdpau-va-driver (0.7.4-7)
VDPAU-based backend for VA API
vdr (2.4.0-1+b1)
Video Disk Recorder for DVB cards
vdr-dev (2.4.0-1+b1)
Video Disk Recorder for DVB cards
vdr-plugin-dvbhddevice (2.2.0-9)
Plugin that adds support for full featured HD-DVB cards to VDR
vdr-plugin-dvbsddevice (2.2.0-9)
Plugin that adds support for full featured SD-DVB cards to VDR
vdr-plugin-dvd (0.3.6~b03+cvs20090426.0013-25)
DVD playback plugin for VDR
vdr-plugin-epgsearch (2.2.0+git20170817-2)
VDR plugin that provides extensive EPG searching capabilities
vdr-plugin-epgsync (1.0.1-4)
VDR plugin for EPG synchronization between VDR systems
vdr-plugin-examples (2.4.0-1+b1)
Plugins for vdr to show some possible features
vdr-plugin-femon (2.4.0-1)
DVB frontend status monitor plugin for VDR
vdr-plugin-fritzbox (1.5.3-7)
VDR plugin to access certain functions of an AVM Fritz!Box
vdr-plugin-live (2.3.1-3)
Web administration plugin for VDR
vdr-plugin-mp3 (0.10.2-23)
MP3 playback plugin for VDR
vdr-plugin-mplayer (0.10.2-23)
MPlayer playback plugin for VDR
vdr-plugin-osdserver (0.1.3-18)
VDR plugin to provide other programs access to the OSD
vdr-plugin-osdteletext (0.9.7-2)
Teletext plugin for VDR
vdr-plugin-remote (0.7.0-2)
VDR Plugin to support the built-in remote control port of DVB-Cards
vdr-plugin-satip (2.4.0-1)
SAT>IP plugin for VDR
vdr-plugin-skinenigmang (0.1.2+git20180128-2+b1)
Skin plugin for VDR
vdr-plugin-streamdev-client (0.6.1+git20170911-2)
VDR Plugin to stream Live-TV to other VDR's - client part
vdr-plugin-streamdev-server (0.6.1+git20170911-2)
VDR Plugin to stream Live-TV to other VDR's - server part
vdr-plugin-svdrpext (1.0.0-7)
Transitional dummy package
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av vdr-plugin-svdrposd
vdr-plugin-svdrposd (1.0.0-7)
VDR plugin that extends the SVDRP command set of VDR
vdr-plugin-svdrpservice (1.0.0-6)
VDR plugin that provides a SVDRP service for other plugins
vdr-plugin-vcd (0.9-26)
VDR Plugin for playing (S)VCD's
vdr-plugin-vnsiserver (1:1.6.0-1)
VDR plugin to provide PVR backend services for Kodi
vdr-plugin-weather (0.2.1e-68)
Weather plugin for VDR
vdradmin-am (3.6.10-4)
Web-based administration tool for vdr
vlc (3.0.4-1+b1)
multimedia player and streamer
vlc-bin (3.0.4-1+b1)
binaries from VLC
vlc-data (3.0.4-1)
common data for VLC
vlc-plugin-access-extra (3.0.4-1+b1)
multimedia player and streamer (extra access plugins)
vlc-plugin-base (3.0.4-1+b1)
multimedia player and streamer (base plugins)
vlc-plugin-fluidsynth (3.0.4-1+b1)
FluidSynth plugin for VLC
vlc-plugin-jack (3.0.4-1+b1)
JACK audio plugins for VLC
vlc-plugin-notify (3.0.4-1+b1)
LibNotify plugin for VLC
vlc-plugin-qt (3.0.4-1+b1)
multimedia player and streamer (Qt plugin)
vlc-plugin-samba (3.0.4-1+b1)
Samba plugin for VLC
vlc-plugin-skins2 (3.0.4-1+b1)
multimedia player and streamer (Skins2 plugin)
vlc-plugin-svg (3.0.4-1+b1)
SVG plugin for VLC
vlc-plugin-video-output (3.0.4-1+b1)
multimedia player and streamer (video output plugins)
vlc-plugin-video-splitter (3.0.4-1+b1)
multimedia player and streamer (video splitter plugins)
vlc-plugin-visualization (3.0.4-1+b1)
multimedia player and streamer (visualization plugins)
vlc-plugin-vlsub (0.10.2-2)
VLC extension to download subtitles from opensubtitles.org
voctomix (1.2-3)
Full-HD Software Live-Video-Mixer
voctomix-core (1.2-3)
Full-HD Software Live-Video-Mixer (Core)
voctomix-gui (1.2-3)
Full-HD Software Live-Video-Mixer (GUI)
voctomix-outcasts (0.5.0-4)
Additional scripts to be used with Voctomix
vokoscreen (2.5.0-1)
easy to use screencast creator
w-scan (20170107-2)
Channel scanning tool for DVB and ATSC channels
webcamoid (8.1.0+dfsg-9)
full featured webcam capture application
webcamoid-data (8.1.0+dfsg-9)
icons and locale files for webcamoid
webcamoid-plugins (8.1.0+dfsg-9)
full featured webcam capture application - plugins
winff (1.5.5-5)
graphical video and audio batch converter using ffmpeg or avconv
winff-data (1.5.5-5)
winff data files
winff-gtk2 (1.5.5-5)
GTK+ variant of winff
winff-qt (1.5.5-5)
Qt variant of winff
wmtv (0.6.6-1)
Dockable video4linux TV player for WindowMaker
x265 (2.8-4)
H.265/HEVC video stream encoder
xawtv (3.104-1+b1)
television viewer - X11 application
xawtv-plugin-qt (3.104-1+b1)
television viewer - QuickTime plugin
xawtv-plugins (3.104-1+b1)
television viewer - plugins
xawtv-tools (3.104-1+b1)
television viewer - tools
xine-console (0.99.9-1.3+b1)
the xine video player, user interface
xine-ui (0.99.9-1.3+b1)
the xine video player, user interface
xjadeo (0.8.7-2+b1)
Video player with JACK sync