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Paket: fp-units-castle-game-engine (6.4+dfsg1-2)

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Castle Game Engine - 3D game engine for FreePascal / Lazarus

Castle Game Engine is a set of LGPL licenced libraries that are intended to ease developing 3D games with FreePascal / Lazarus.

It provides an excellent support for the VRML / X3D 3D data format. Other 3D formats are also supported.

It features many advanced graphic effects and easy to use API on top of OpenGL.

This package contains the FPC units and the auxiliary tools castle-curves, castle-engine, image-to-pascal, sprite-sheet-to-x3d, and texture-font-to-pascal.

This package suggests the gradle package. Gradle is only necessary if one wants to build Android applications, otherwise one can ignore that suggestion. Note that, in order to create Android applications, one will also need the Android SDK and NDK, and FPC cross-compiler, see

Märken: Interface Toolkit: GTK

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