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Paket: node-plur (2.1.2-2)

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Pluralize a word

This package works only for English language currently. Default:

    - Irregular nouns will use this [list]
    - Words ending in *s*, *x*, *z*, *ch*, *sh*
      will be pluralized with *-es* (eg. *foxes*).
    - Words ending in *y* that are preceded by a consonant
      will be pluralized by replacing *y* with *-ies* (eg. *puppies*).
    - All other words will have "s" added to the end (eg. *days*).
Pluralized word. The plural suffix will match the case of the last letter in the word. This option is only for extreme edge-cases. You probably won't need it.

Node.js is an event-based server-side JavaScript engine.

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