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Paket: node-hmac-drbg (1.0.1-2)

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Deterministic random bit generator (hmac) in pure javascript

This is a pure javascript implementation of deterministic random bit generators defined in section 10.1.2 of NIST SP 800-90A.

A DRBG mechanism uses an algorithm that produces a sequence of bits from an initial value that is determined by a seed that is determined from the entropy input. Once the seed is provided and the initial value is determined, the DRBG is said to be instantiated and may be used to produce output.

Because of the deterministic nature of the process, a DRBG is said to producepseudorandom bits, rather than random bits. The seed used to instantiate the DRBG must contain sufficient entropy to provide an assurance of randomness. If the seed is kept secret,and the algorithm is well designed, the bits output by the DRBG will be unpredictable, up to the instantiated security strength of the DRBG.

Node.js is an event-based server-side JavaScript engine.

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