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Paket: node-almond (0.3.3+dfsg-2)

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minimal AMD API implementation for use in optimized browser builds

Some developers like to use the AMD API to code modular JavaScript, but after doing an optimized build, they do not want to include a full AMD loader like RequireJS, since they do not need all that functionality.

In the context of Javascript modules, AMD refers to a format specification which makes modules easier to use. See

Some use cases, like mobile, are very sensitive to file sizes.

By including almond in the built file, there is no need for RequireJS. almond is around **1 kilobyte** when minified with Closure Compiler and gzipped.

Märken: Software Development: Ecmascript/JavaScript Development, Bibliotek, Implemented in: implemented-in::ecmascript, role::devel-lib

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