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Paket: rmlint-gui (2.8.0-3)

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GTK+ frontend to rmlint

rmlint-gui (a.k.a. Shredder) is a graphical user interface to rmlint using GTK+. It uses rmlint to find space waste and other broken things on your filesystem and offers to remove them.

It is able to find:

 * Duplicate files & directories.
 * Non-stripped binaries.
 * Broken symlinks.
 * Empty files.
 * Recursive empty directories.
 * Files with broken user or group ID.

Key Features:

 * Extremely fast.
 * Flexible and easy command-line options.
 * Choice of several hashes for hash-based duplicate detection.
 * Option for exact byte-by-byte comparison (only slightly slower).
 * Numerous output options.
 * Option to store time  of last run; next time will only scan new files.
 * Many options for original selection/prioritisation.
 * Can handle very large file sets (millions of files).

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