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Paket: drobo-utils (0.6.1+repack-2)

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manage data robotics storage units (drobos)

This package provides a command line interface for managing a Drobo, as well as a graphical dashboard interface. These tools allow you to setup a new Drobo, and monitor the status of connected Drobos.

To enable the graphical interface, please be sure to install the suggested python-qt4 package, as well as gparted.

Data Robotics storage units ("Drobos") are external hard drive enclosures that connect to your PC via USB or Firewire and provide RAID-like features. Drobos provide automatic data redundancy, hotswappable drive bays, and the size of the RAID can be easily expanded. Different sized hard drives can be mixed on the same Drobo. See for more information.

Märken: Hardware Enablement: Storage, Role: Program, Scope: Utility

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