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Paket: libppx-tools-versioned-ocaml-dev (5.2.3-1 och andra)

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Tools for authors of OCaml syntactic tools (Development package)

A variant of ppx-tools based on ocaml-migrate-parsetree.

It includes tools for authors of syntactic tools (such as ppx rewriters):

 * ppx_metaquot: a ppx filter to help writing programs which
   manipulate the Parsetree, by allowing the programmer to use
   concrete syntax for expressions creating Parsetree fragments and
   patterns deconstructing Parsetree fragments;
 * rewriter: a utility to help testing ppx rewriters that runs the
   rewriter on user-provided code and returns the result;
 * Ast_mapper_class: a generic mapper from Parsetree to Parsetree
   implementing a deep identity copy, which can be customized with a
   custom behavior for each syntactic category;
 * dumpast: parses fragments of OCaml code (or entire source files)
   and dump the resulting internal Parsetree representation;
 * genlifter: generates a virtual "lifter" class for one or several
   OCaml type constructors.

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