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tools for manipulating CSV files

This package contains a set of golang tools and libraries for manipulating CSV representations.

As a rule, most tools in this set assume CSV files that include a header record that describes the contents of each field.

 - csv-select - selects the specified fields from the header-prefixed,
   CSV input stream
 - uniquify - augments a partial key so that each record in the output
   stream has a unique natural key
 - surrogate-keys - augments the input stream so that each record in the
   output stream has a surrogate key derived from the MD5 sum of the
   natural key
 - csv-to-json - converts a CSV stream into a JSON stream
 - json-to-csv - converts a JSON stream into a CSV stream
 - csv-sort - sorts a CSV stream according to the specified columns
 - csv-join - joins two sorted CSV streams after matching on specified columns
 - influx-line-format - convert a CSV stream into influx line format
 - csv-use-tab - uses a table delimit while writing (default) or
   reading (--on-read) a CSV stream

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