Källkodspaket i "bullseye-backports", Undersektion php

php-arthurhoaro-web-thumbnailer (2.1.0+dfsg-2~bpo11+1)
PHP library which will retrieve a thumbnail for any given URL
php-christianriesen-base32 (1.6.0-3~bpo11+1)
PHP library to encode/decode the Base32 format
php-christianriesen-otp (1.4.3-2~bpo11+1)
PHP library to check HOTP and TOTP one time passwords
php-code-lts-u2f-php-server (1.2.1-2~bpo11+1)
Server side handling class for FIDO U2F registration and authentication
php-eluceo-ical (0.16.1-2~bpo11+1)
PHP library to create iCal calendars and ICS files
php-fig-http-message-util (1.1.5-2~bpo11+1)
Utility classes and constants to facilitate using PSR-7
php-gettext-languages (2.6.0-2~bpo11+1)
gettext languages with plural rules
php-gregwar-captcha (1.1.9+ds-2~bpo11+1)
PHP library to generate CAPTCHAs
php-klogger (1.2.1-4~bpo11+1)
simple logging class
php-malkusch-lock (2.2+ds.1-2~bpo11+1)
mutex library for exclusive code execution
php-mapscript-ng (8.0.0-2~bpo11+1)
PHP MapServer module (SWIG)
php-mariadb-mysql-kbs (1.2.14-1~bpo11+1)
Knowledge base about MariaDB and MySQL server variables
php-matthiasmullie-minify (1.3.68-3~bpo11+1)
concatenates and minifies CSS and JavaScript code
php-matthiasmullie-path-converter (1.1.3-2~bpo11+1)
PHP library to generate relative path from one file to another
php-mock (2.3.0-3~bpo11+1)
mock built-in PHP functions
php-mock-integration (2.1.0-2~bpo11+1)
integration package for PHP-Mock
php-mock-phpunit (2.6.0-2~bpo11+1)
mock built-in PHP functions with PHPUnit
php-netscape-bookmark-parser (3.2.0-1~bpo11+1)
generic Netscape bookmark parser
php-nikic-fast-route (1.3.0-4~bpo11+1)
Fast request router for PHP
php-oscarotero-gettext (4.8.2-7~bpo11+1)
PHP gettext manager
php-parsedown-extra (0.8.1-2~bpo11+1)
Markdown Extra extension for Parsedown
php-phpmyadmin-motranslator (5.3.0-1~bpo11+1)
translation API for PHP using Gettext MO files
php-phpmyadmin-shapefile (3.0.1-2~bpo11+1)
ESRI ShapeFile library for PHP
php-phpmyadmin-sql-parser (5.7.0-2~bpo11+1)
validating SQL lexer and parser
php-pimple (3.3.1-2~bpo11+1)
simple dependency injection container -- class
php-pubsubhubbub-publisher (0~~20181009-2~bpo11+1)
WebSub publisher library for PHP
php-slim (3.12.3-4~bpo11+1)
PHP micro framework for quick and simple web applications and APIs
php-slim-psr7 (1.6.0-2~bpo11+1)
Strict PSR-7 implementation used by the Slim Framework
php-tcpdf (6.6.2+dfsg1-1~bpo11+1)
PHP class for generating PDF files on-the-fly
php-twig-i18n-extension (4.0.1-2~bpo11+1)
i18n extension for the Twig template system
php-webmozart-assert (1.11.0-1~bpo11+1)
Assertions to validate method input/output with nice error messages
php-zumba-json-serializer (3.0.2-1~bpo11+1)
Json Serializer is a PHP library to serialize PHP variables in JSON format
pkg-php-tools (1.43~bpo11+1)
various packaging tools and scripts for PHP packages