Källkodspaket i "bookworm", Undersektion php

composer (2.2.5-1)
dependency manager for PHP
debpear (0.5)
automatically builds and installs PEAR package as Debian packages
dh-php (4.5)
debhelper add-on to handle PHP PECL extensions
jsonlint (1.8.3-2)
validating parser of JSON data structures
libapache2-mod-php (2:8.1+92)
server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (Apache 2 module) (default)
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av libapache2-mod-php8.1
libawl-php (0.62-1)
Andrew's Web Libraries - PHP Utility Libraries
libgv-php7 (2.42.2-5+b1)
PHP7 bindings for graphviz
libmarkdown-php (1.0.2-3)
PHP library for rendering Markdown data
libnusoap-php (0.9.5-3)
SOAP toolkit for PHP
libphp-adodb (5.20.19-1)
ADOdb is a PHP database abstraction layer library
libphp-embed (2:8.1+92)
HTML-embedded scripting language (Embedded SAPI library) (default)
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av libphp8.1-embed
libphp-jabber (0.4.3-6)
Object-oriented PHP interface for the Jabber/XMPP protocol
libphp-phpmailer (6.2.0-2)
full featured email transfer class for PHP
libphp-simplepie (1.3.1+dfsg-5)
RSS and Atom feed parsing in PHP
libphp-snoopy (2.0.0-3)
Snoopy is a PHP class that simulates a web browser
libphp8.1-embed (8.1.1-4)
HTML-embedded scripting language (Embedded SAPI library)
libsparkline-php (0.2-7)
sparkline graphing library for php
pdepend (2.10.2-1)
design quality metrics for PHP packages
pear-channels (0~20190819-1)
PEAR channels for various projects
php (2:8.1+92)
server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (default)
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av uwsgi-plugin-php, php8.1
php-all-dev (2:92)
package depending on all supported PHP development packages
php-amqp (1.11.0-4)
AMQP extension for PHP
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-amqp
php-amqp-all-dev (1.11.0-4)
AMQP extension for PHP
php-amqplib (3.1.2-1)
pure PHP implementation of the AMQP protocol
php-apcu (5.1.21+4.0.11-7)
APC User Cache for PHP
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-apcu
php-apcu-all-dev (5.1.21+4.0.11-7)
APC User Cache for PHP
php-arthurhoaro-web-thumbnailer (2.0.3+dfsg-1)
PHP library which will retrieve a thumbnail for any given URL
php-ast (1.0.16-4)
AST extension for PHP 7
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-ast
php-ast-all-dev (1.0.16-4)
AST extension for PHP 7
php-async-aws-core (1.13.0-1)
AsyncAws Core - AsyncAws component
php-async-aws-ses (1.4.1-2)
AsyncAws Ses - AsyncAws component
php-async-aws-sns (1.3.0-1)
AsyncAws Sns - AsyncAws component
php-async-aws-sqs (1.7.0-1)
AsyncAws Sqs - AsyncAws component
php-auth-sasl (1.1.0-1)
Abstraction of various SASL mechanism responses
php-bcmath (2:8.1+92)
Bcmath module for PHP [default]
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-bcmath
php-bz2 (2:8.1+92)
bzip2 module for PHP [default]
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-bz2
php-cache-integration-tests (0.17.0-1)
Integration tests for PSR-6 and PSR-16 cache implementations
php-cache-tag-interop (1.1.0-1)
Framework interoperable interfaces for tags
php-cas (1.3.8-1)
Central Authentication Service client library in php
php-cgi (2:8.1+92)
server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (CGI binary) (default)
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-cgi
php-cli (2:8.1+92)
command-line interpreter for the PHP scripting language (default)
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-cli
php-cocur-slugify (4.0.0-2)
Converts a string to a slug for PHP
php-codecoverage (9.2.10+dfsg-1)
collection, processing, and rendering for code coverage
php-codesniffer (3.6.2-1)
PHP, CSS and JavaScript coding standard analyzer and checker
php-common (2:92)
Common files for PHP packages
php-composer-ca-bundle (1.3.1-1)
utility library to find a path to the system CA bundle
php-composer-metadata-minifier (1.0.0-2)
Small utility library that handles metadata minification and expansion
php-composer-pcre (1.0.1-1)
PCRE wrapping library that offers type-safe preg_* replacements
php-composer-semver (3.2.7-1)
utilities, version constraint parsing and validation
php-composer-spdx-licenses (1.5.6-1)
SPDX licenses list and validation library
php-composer-xdebug-handler (2.0.4-1)
Restarts a process without Xdebug
php-console-commandline (1.2.4-1)
Full featured command line options and arguments parser
php-console-table (1.3.1-1)
Library that makes it easy to build console style tables
php-constant-time (2.5.0-1)
Constant-time Implementations of RFC 4648 Encoding (Base-64, Base-32, Base-16)
php-crypt-gpg (1.6.6-1)
PHP PEAR module for encrypting and decrypting with GnuPG
php-curl (2:8.1+92)
CURL module for PHP [default]
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-curl
php-dasprid-enum (1.0.3-1)
PHP 7.1 enum implementation
php-date (1.4.7-3)
Generic date/time handling class for PEAR
php-db (1.10.0-1)
Database Abstraction Layer
php-deepcopy (1.10.2-3)
create deep copies (clones) of objects
php-defuse-php-encryption (2.2.1-1.1)
Simple Encryption in PHP
php-dev (2:8.1+92)
Files for PHP module development (default)
php-dflydev-fig-cookies (2.0.0-1.1)
FIG Cookies for PHP
php-directory-scanner (1.3.3-1)
recursive directory scanner and filter
php-doctrine-annotations (1.13.2-1)
Docblock Annotations Parser - Doctrine component
php-doctrine-cache (2.1.1-3)
cache library - Doctrine component
php-doctrine-collections (1.6.8-2)
Collections Abstraction library - Doctrine component
php-doctrine-common (3.2.1-1)
common extensions for Doctrine
php-doctrine-data-fixtures (1.5.1-3)
Data Fixtures for all Doctrine Object Managers
php-doctrine-dbal (3.3.0+dfsg-1)
database abstraction layer for Doctrine
php-doctrine-deprecations (0.5.3-3)
Doctrine Deprecations - Doctrine component
php-doctrine-event-manager (1.1.1-1)
Doctrine Event Manager component
php-doctrine-inflector (2.0.4-2)
string manipulations library - Doctrine component
php-doctrine-instantiator (1.4.0-1)
lightweight utility to instantiate objects in PHP
php-doctrine-lexer (1.2.2-2)
base lexer library - Doctrine component
php-doctrine-orm (2.11.0+dfsg-1)
tool for object-relational mapping
php-doctrine-persistence (2.3.0-2)
Doctrine Persistence abstractions
php-dompdf (0.6.2+dfsg-3.1)
HTML to PDF converter
php-dragonmantank-cron-expression (2.3.1-1)
cron expression parser for PHP
php-ds (1.4.0-4)
PHP extension providing efficient data structures for PHP 7
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-ds
php-ds-all-dev (1.4.0-4)
PHP extension providing efficient data structures for PHP 7
php-email-validator (2.1.25-1)
A library for validating emails against several RFCs
php-embed (3.3.9-1.1)
Get info from any web service or page
php-enchant (2:8.1+92)
Enchant module for PHP [default]
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-enchant
php-evenement (3.0.1-2.1)
Very simple event dispatching library for PHP
php-excimer (1.0.2-1+b2)
PHP extension that provides a non-static, non-global profiler
php-fabiang-sasl (1.0.1-1)
PHP SASL2 Authentication Library
php-fdomdocument (1.6.6-3)
extension to PHP's standard DOM
php-file-iterator (3.0.6-1)
FilterIterator implementation for PHP
php-font-lib (0.3.1+dfsg-3.1)
read, parse, export and make subsets of different fonts
php-fpdf (3:1.8.2.dfsg-1)
PHP class to generate PDF files
php-fpm (2:8.1+92)
server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (FPM-CGI binary) (default)
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-fpm
php-fxsl (1.1.1-6)
XSL wrapper and extension to XSLTProcessor
php-gd (2:8.1+92)
GD module for PHP [default]
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-gd
php-gearman (2.1.0+1.1.2-11)
PHP wrapper to libgearman
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-gearman
php-gearman-all-dev (2.1.0+1.1.2-11)
PHP wrapper to libgearman
php-geshi (
Generic Syntax Highlighter
php-getallheaders (3.0.3-2)
A polyfill for getallheaders
php-getid3 (1.9.21+dfsg-1)
scripts to extract information from multimedia files
php-gettext-languages (2.6.0-2)
gettext languages with plural rules
php-gmagick (2.0.6~rc1+1.1.7~rc3-10)
Provides a wrapper to the GraphicsMagick library
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-gmagick
php-gmagick-all-dev (2.0.6~rc1+1.1.7~rc3-10)
Provides a wrapper to the GraphicsMagick library
php-gmp (2:8.1+92)
GMP module for PHP [default]
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-gmp
php-gnupg (1.5.1-2)
PHP wrapper around the gpgme library
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-gnupg
php-gnupg-all-dev (1.5.1-2)
PHP wrapper around the gpgme library
php-google-recaptcha (1.2.4-3)
reCAPTCHA PHP client library
php-guestfs (1:1.46.2-4)
guest disk image management system - PHP bindings
php-guzzlehttp-promises (1.5.1-1)
Guzzle promises library
php-guzzlehttp-psr7 (1.8.3-1)
PSR-7 message implementation that also provides common utility methods
php-hamcrest (2.0.1-2)
This is the PHP port of Hamcrest Matchers
php-horde (5.2.23+debian0-5)
Horde base application
php-horde-activesync (2.41.5-1)
ActiveSync server library
php-horde-alarm (2.2.10-9)
Horde Alarm Libraries
php-horde-ansel (3.0.10+debian1-2)
Photo gallery application
php-horde-argv (2.1.0-7)
Horde command-line argument parsing package
php-horde-auth (2.2.2-8)
Horde Authentication API
php-horde-autoloader (2.1.2-10)
Horde Autoloader
php-horde-browser (2.0.16-4)
Browser detection library
php-horde-cache (2.5.5-8)
Horde Caching API
php-horde-cli (2.3.0-6)
Command line interface library
php-horde-compress (2.2.4-1)
Compression library
php-horde-compress-fast (1.1.1-10)
Fast Compression Library
php-horde-constraint (2.0.3-9)
Horde Constraint library
php-horde-content (2.0.6-7)
Tagging application
php-horde-controller (2.0.5-5)
Controller library
php-horde-core (2.31.16+debian0-2)
Core Horde Framework library
php-horde-crypt (2.7.12-6)
Cryptography library
php-horde-crypt-blowfish (1.1.3-2)
Blowfish encryption library
php-horde-css-parser (1.0.11-8)
Horde CSS Parser
php-horde-cssminify (1.0.4-6)
CSS Minification
php-horde-data (2.1.5-2)
Data import and export library
php-horde-date (2.4.1-8)
Horde Date package
php-horde-date-parser (2.0.7-2)
Date parser library
php-horde-dav (1.1.4-6)
Horde library for WebDAV, CalDAV, CardDAV
php-horde-db (2.4.1-1)
Database abstraction library
php-horde-editor (2.0.5+debian0-5)
Horde Editor API
php-horde-elasticsearch (1.0.4-6)
Horde ElasticSearch client
php-horde-exception (2.0.8-8)
Horde Exception Handler
php-horde-feed (2.0.4-9)
Horde Feed libraries
php-horde-form (2.0.20-2)
Form library
php-horde-gollem (3.0.13-5)
File manager application
php-horde-group (2.1.1-11)
Horde User Groups System
php-horde-groupware (5.2.22-6)
Horde Groupware
php-horde-hashtable (1.2.6-7)
Horde Hash Table Interface
php-horde-history (2.3.6-10)
API for tracking the history of an object
php-horde-http (2.1.7-9)
Horde HTTP libraries
php-horde-icalendar (2.1.8-5)
iCalendar and vCard library
php-horde-idna (1.1.2-2)
IDNA normalization library
php-horde-image (2.6.1-2)
Image library
php-horde-imap-client (2.30.3-1)
IMAP client library
php-horde-imp (6.2.27-2)
Webmail application
php-horde-imsp (2.0.10-6)
php-horde-ingo (3.2.16-8)
An email filter rules manager
php-horde-injector (2.0.5-10)
Horde dependency injection container
php-horde-itip (2.1.2-8)
iTip invitation response handling
php-horde-javascriptminify (1.1.5-7)
Javascript Minification
php-horde-javascriptminify-jsmin (1.0.2-9) [non-free]
Horde Javascript Minifier - Jsmin PHP Driver
php-horde-kolab-format (2.0.9-7)
A package for reading/writing Kolab data formats
php-horde-kolab-server (2.0.5-9)
A package for manipulating the Kolab user database
php-horde-kolab-session (2.0.3-9)
A package managing an active Kolab session
php-horde-kolab-storage (2.2.4-2)
Kolab data storage library
php-horde-kronolith (4.2.29-2)
Calendar and scheduling application
php-horde-ldap (2.4.2-4)
LDAP client library
php-horde-listheaders (1.2.5-7)
Horde List Headers Parsing Library
php-horde-lock (2.1.4-7)
Horde Resource Locking System
php-horde-log (2.3.0-7)
Horde Logging library
php-horde-logintasks (2.0.7-8)
Horde Login Tasks System
php-horde-mail (2.6.5-5)
Mail library
php-horde-mail-autoconfig (1.0.3-10)
Horde Mail Autoconfiguration
php-horde-mapi (1.0.10-4)
MAPI utility library
php-horde-memcache (2.1.2-1)
Memcache client library
php-horde-mime (2.11.1-2)
MIME library
php-horde-mime-viewer (2.2.2+debian0-2)
Horde MIME Viewer Library
php-horde-mnemo (4.2.14-10)
A web based notes manager
php-horde-nag (4.2.19-6)
Task list application
php-horde-nls (2.2.1-6)
Native Language Support (NLS)
php-horde-notification (2.0.4-9)
Horde Notification System
php-horde-oauth (2.0.4-6)
Horde OAuth client/server
php-horde-openxchange (1.0.1-6)
Open-Xchange Connector
php-horde-pack (1.0.7-7)
Horde Pack Utility
php-horde-passwd (5.0.7-8)
Horde password changing application
php-horde-pdf (2.0.8-2)
PDF writer library
php-horde-perms (2.1.8-4)
Permissions library
php-horde-prefs (2.9.0-8)
Horde Preferences API
php-horde-queue (1.1.5-6)
Horde Queue
php-horde-rdo (2.1.0-8)
Rampage Data Objects
php-horde-role (1.0.1-17)
PEAR installer role used to install Horde components
php-horde-routes (2.0.5-9)
Horde Routes URL mapping system
php-horde-rpc (2.1.9-1)
RPC library
php-horde-scheduler (2.0.3-6)
Horde Scheduler System
php-horde-scribe (2.0.3-6)
Scribe client for Horde
php-horde-secret (2.0.6-9)
Secret Encryption API
php-horde-serialize (2.0.5-9)
Data Encapulation API
php-horde-service-facebook (2.0.10-6)
Horde Facebook client
php-horde-service-gravatar (1.0.1-9)
API accessor for gravatar.com
php-horde-service-twitter (2.1.6-6)
Horde Twitter client
php-horde-service-urlshortener (2.0.3-6)
Horde_Service_UrlShortener Class
php-horde-service-weather (2.5.5-2)
Weather service library
php-horde-sesha (1.0.0~rc3-8)
A simple Inventory App for Horde
php-horde-sessionhandler (2.3.0-1)
Session handler library
php-horde-share (2.2.0-8)
Horde Shared Permissions System
php-horde-smtp (1.9.6-2)
SMTP client library
php-horde-socket-client (2.1.3-1)
Network socket client library
php-horde-spellchecker (2.1.3-9)
Spellcheck API
php-horde-stream (1.6.3-9)
Horde stream handler
php-horde-stream-filter (2.0.4-9)
Horde Stream filters
php-horde-stream-wrapper (2.1.4-6)
PHP stream wrappers library
php-horde-support (2.2.0-8)
Horde support package
php-horde-syncml (2.0.7-7)
Horde_SyncMl provides an API for processing SyncML requests
php-horde-template (2.0.3-10)
Horde Template System
php-horde-test (2.6.4+debian0-7)
Unit testing library
php-horde-text-diff (2.2.1-2)
Text diff generation and rendering library
php-horde-text-filter (2.3.7-1)
Text filtering and conversion library
php-horde-text-filter-jsmin (1.0.2-10) [non-free]
Horde Text Filter - Jsmin PHP Driver
php-horde-text-flowed (2.0.4-2)
Flowed text library
php-horde-thrift (2.0.3-6)
Thrift client for Horde
php-horde-timeobjects (2.1.4-6)
Horde timeobjects application
php-horde-timezone (1.1.0-7)
Timezone library
php-horde-token (2.0.9-8)
Horde Token API
php-horde-translation (2.2.2-7)
Horde translation library
php-horde-trean (1.1.10-3)
Bookmarks application
php-horde-tree (2.0.5-6)
Horde Tree API
php-horde-turba (4.2.25-5)
Address book application
php-horde-url (2.2.6-7)
Horde Url class
php-horde-util (2.5.9-2)
Utility library
php-horde-vfs (2.4.1-2)
Virtual file system library
php-horde-view (2.0.6-9)
Horde View API
php-horde-webmail (5.2.22-6)
Horde Groupware Webmail Edition
php-horde-whups (3.0.12-7)
Ticket-tracking application
php-horde-wicked (2.0.8-8)
Wiki application
php-horde-xml-element (2.0.4-9)
Horde Xml Element object
php-horde-xml-wbxml (2.0.4-2)
WBXML library
php-htmlawed (1.1.20-1.1)
htmLawed PHP code to purify & filter HTML
php-htmlpurifier (4.11.0-1)
Standards-compliant HTML filter
php-http-httplug (2.2.0-1)
HTTPlug, the HTTP client abstraction for PHP
php-http-message-factory (1.0.2-2)
Factory interfaces for PSR-7 HTTP Message
php-http-promise (1.1.0-1)
Promise used for asynchronous HTTP requests
php-http-psr7-integration-tests (1.1.1-2)
Test suite for PSR7
php-http-webdav-server (1.0.0RC8-1)
WebDAV Server Baseclass
php-httpful (0.3.2-1)
A Readable, Chainable, REST friendly, PHP HTTP Client
php-icinga (2.9.5-1)
PHP library to communicate with and use Icinga
php-igbinary (3.2.6+2.0.8-7)
igbinary PHP serializer
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-igbinary
php-igbinary-all-dev (3.2.6+2.0.8-7)
igbinary PHP serializer
php-image-text (0.7.0-2)
Image_Text - Advanced text maipulations in images
php-imagick (3.6.0-4)
Provides a wrapper to the ImageMagick library
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-imagick
php-imagick-all-dev (3.6.0-4)
Provides a wrapper to the ImageMagick library
php-imap (2:8.1+92)
IMAP module for PHP [default]
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-imap
php-interbase (2:8.1+92)
Interbase module for PHP [default]
php-intl (2:8.1+92)
Internationalisation module for PHP [default]
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-intl
php-invoker (3.1.1-2)
Invoke callables with a timeout
php-json (2:8.1+92)
JSON module for PHP [default]
php-json-schema (5.2.11-1)
implementation of JSON schema
php-klogger (1.2.1-4)
simple logging class
php-ldap (2:8.1+92)
LDAP module for PHP [default]
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-ldap
php-league-commonmark (1.6.7-1)
Markdown parser based on the CommonMark JS reference implementation
php-league-flysystem (1.1.3-4)
filesystem abstraction offering one API to many filesystems
php-league-html-to-markdown (5.0.2-2)
An HTML-to-markdown conversion helper for PHP
php-league-mime-type-detection (1.9.0+ds-1)
generic mime-type detection interface for PHP
php-letodms-core (3.4.2-1)
Document management system
php-log (1.13.2-1)
Logging Framework
php-lorenzo-pinky (1.0.5-2)
A Foundation for Emails (Inky) template transpiler
php-mail (1.4.1-1)
Class that provides multiple interfaces for sending emails
php-mail-mime (1.10.10-1)
PHP PEAR module for creating MIME messages
php-mailparse (3.1.2+2.1.7~dev20160128-7)
Email message manipulation for PHP
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-mailparse
php-mailparse-all-dev (3.1.2+2.1.7~dev20160128-7)
Email message manipulation for PHP
php-malkusch-lock (2.2+ds.1-2)
mutex library for exclusive code execution
php-mariadb-mysql-kbs (1.2.12-1)
Knowledge base about MariaDB and MySQL server variables
php-markdown (1.8.0-1.1)
PHP library for rendering Markdown data
php-masterminds-html5 (2.7.5+dfsg-1)
An HTML5 parser and serializer
php-mbstring (2:8.1+92)
MBSTRING module for PHP [default]
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php-symfony-polyfill-mbstring, php8.1-mbstring
php-mdb2 (2.5.0b5-2)
database abstraction layer
php-mdb2-driver-mysql (1.5.0b4-2)
mysql MDB2 driver
php-mdb2-driver-pgsql (1.5.0b4-2)
pgsql MDB2 driver
php-memcache (8.0+
memcache extension module for PHP
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-memcache
php-memcache-all-dev (8.0+
memcache extension module for PHP
php-memcached (3.1.5+2.2.0-14.1)
memcached extension module for PHP, uses libmemcached
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-memcached
php-memcached-all-dev (3.1.5+2.2.0-14.1)
memcached extension module for PHP, uses libmemcached
php-mf2 (0.3.0-0.1)
Microformats2 is the simplest way to markup structured information in HTML
php-mikey179-vfsstream (1.6.10-1)
Virtual file system to mock the real file system in unit tests
php-mock (2.3.0-2)
mock built-in PHP functions
php-mock-integration (2.1.0-2)
integration package for PHP-Mock
php-mock-phpunit (2.6.0-2)
mock built-in PHP functions with PHPUnit
php-mockery (1.5.0-1)
mock object framework for PHPUnit and other testing framework
php-mongodb (1.12.0+1.9.2+1.7.5-4)
MongoDB driver for PHP
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-mongodb
php-mongodb-all-dev (1.12.0+1.9.2+1.7.5-4)
MongoDB driver for PHP
php-monolog (2.3.5-2)
send logs to various destination and web services
php-msgpack (2.2.0~rc1+2.1.2+0.5.7-6)
PHP extension for interfacing with MessagePack
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-msgpack
php-msgpack-all-dev (2.2.0~rc1+2.1.2+0.5.7-6)
PHP extension for interfacing with MessagePack
php-mysql (2:8.1+92)
MySQL module for PHP [default]
php-nesbot-carbon (2.55.2-1)
simple PHP API extension for DateTime
php-net-dime (1.0.2-3)
The Net_DIME package implements DIME encoding and decoding
php-net-dns2 (1.5.0-1)
PHP Resolver library used to communicate with a DNS server
php-net-ftp (1:1.4.0-2.1)
Net_FTP provides an OO interface to the PHP FTP functions plus some additions
php-net-imap (1:1.1.3-2.1)
Provides an implementation of the IMAP protocol
php-net-ipv6 (1.3.0b4-1.1)
Check and validate IPv6 addresses
php-net-ldap2 (2.2.0-6)
Object oriented interface for searching and manipulating LDAP-entries
php-net-ldap3 (1.1.4-1)
Object oriented interface for searching and manipulating LDAP entries
php-net-nntp (1.5.0-2)
NNTP implementation
php-net-publicsuffix (0.2-1)
PHP module for detecting registered domains and public suffixes
php-net-sieve (1.4.5-1)
Handles talking to a sieve server
php-net-smtp (1.9.0-1)
PHP PEAR module implementing SMTP protocol
php-net-socket (1.2.2-2)
Network Socket Interface
php-net-url (1.0.15-4)
Easy parsing of Urls
php-net-url2 (2.2.1-0.2)
Class for parsing and handling URL
php-net-whois (1.0.5-3.2)
PHP PEAR module for querying whois services
php-netscape-bookmark-parser (3.2.0-1)
generic Netscape bookmark parser
php-nikic-fast-route (1.3.0-3)
Fast request router for PHP
php-nrk-predis (1.1.10-1)
transitional dummy package for php-predis
php-nyholm-psr7 (1.3.2-2)
A fast PHP7 implementation of PSR-7
php-oauth (2.0.7+1.2.3-14)
OAuth 1.0 consumer and provider extension
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-oauth
php-oauth-all-dev (2.0.7+1.2.3-14)
OAuth 1.0 consumer and provider extension
php-odbc (2:8.1+92)
ODBC module for PHP [default]
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-odbc
php-opis-closure (3.6.1-1)
serializable closures (anonymous functions) for PHP
php-oscarotero-gettext (4.8.2-6)
PHP gettext manager
php-parsedown (1.7.4-1)
Parser for Markdown
php-parsedown-extra (0.8.1-2)
Markdown Extra extension for Parsedown
php-parser (4.13.2-1)
convert PHP code into abstract syntax tree
php-pclzip (2.8.2-5)
ZIP archive manager class for PHP
php-pcov (1.0.11-4)
Code coverage driver
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-pcov
php-pcov-all-dev (1.0.11-4)
Code coverage driver
php-pda-pheanstalk (4.0.4-1)
PHP client for beanstalkd queue
php-pear (1:1.10.12+submodules+notgz+20210212-1)
PEAR Base System
php-pgsql (2:8.1+92)
PostgreSQL module for PHP [default]
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-pgsql
php-phar-io-manifest (2.0.3-1)
reading phar.io manifest information from a PHP Archive (Phar)
php-phar-io-version (3.0.4-1)
handling version information and constraint
php-php-gettext (1.0.12-5)
read gettext MO files directly, without requiring anything other than PHP
php-phpdbg (2:8.1+92)
server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (PHPDBG binary) (default)
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-phpdbg
php-phpdocumentor-reflection-common (2.2.0-1)
Common reflection classes - phpDocumentor component
php-phpdocumentor-reflection-docblock (5.3.0-1)
DocBlock parser - phpDocumentor component
php-phpdocumentor-type-resolver (1.6.0-1)
TypeResolver and FqsenResolver - phpDocumentor component
php-phpmyadmin-motranslator (5.2.0-1)
translation API for PHP using Gettext MO files
php-phpmyadmin-shapefile (2.1-5)
translation API for PHP using Gettext MO files
php-phpmyadmin-sql-parser (5.4.1-2)
validating SQL lexer and parser
php-phpoption (1.8.1-1)
Option type for PHP
php-phpseclib (2.0.35-1)
implementations of an arbitrary-precision integer arithmetic library
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php-seclib
php-phpseclib3 (3.0.12-2)
implementations of an arbitrary-precision integer arithmetic library
php-phpspec-prophecy (1.15.0-1)
object mocking framework - phpspec component
php-phpspec-prophecy-phpunit (2.0.1-2)
Integrating the Prophecy mocking library in PHPUnit test cases
php-phpstan-phpdoc-parser (1.2.0-2)
PHPDoc parser with support for nullable, intersection and generic types
php-pimple (3.3.1-2)
simple dependency injection container -- class
php-predis (1.1.10-1)
Flexible and feature-complete Redis client for PHP and HHVM
php-proxy-manager (2.11.1+1.0.5-2)
library providing utilities to operate with Object Proxies
php-ps (1.4.4+1.3.7-6)
ps module for PHP
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-ps
php-ps-all-dev (1.4.4+1.3.7-6)
ps module for PHP
php-pspell (2:8.1+92)
pspell module for PHP [default]
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-pspell
php-psr (1.2.0-4)
PSR interfaces for PHP
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-psr
php-psr-all-dev (1.2.0-4)
PSR interfaces for PHP
php-psr-cache (1.0.1-2)
Common interface for caching libraries
php-psr-container (1.1.2-1)
Common Container Interface (PHP FIG PSR-11)
php-psr-event-dispatcher (1.0.0-2)
Standard interfaces for event handling
php-psr-http-client (1.0.1-1)
Common interface for HTTP clients
php-psr-http-factory (1.0.1-2)
Common interfaces for PSR-7 HTTP message factories
php-psr-http-message (1.0.1-2)
Common interface for HTTP messages
php-psr-link (1.1.0+really1.0.0-1)
Common interfaces for HTTP links
php-psr-log (1.1.3-2)
common interface for logging libraries
php-psr-simple-cache (1.0.1-1)
Common interfaces for simple caching
php-pubsubhubbub-publisher (0~~20181009-2)
WebSub publisher library for PHP
php-raintpl (3.1.0+dfsg-1.1)
“the easiest” Template Engine for PHP
php-ramsey-uuid (3.9.3-2)
RFC 4122 universally unique identifier (UUID) generator for PHP
php-random-compat (2.0.19-1)
PHP 5.x polyfill for random_bytes() and random_int() from PHP 7
php-ratchet-pawl (0.3.4-1.1)
Asynchronous WebSocket client for RatchetPHP
php-ratchet-rfc6455 (0.2.4-2.1)
Implementation of the WebSocket protocol for PHP
php-react-cache (0.5.0-1.1)
Async, promise-based cache component for ReactPHP
php-react-child-process (0.6.1-1)
Event-driven library for executing child processes with ReactPHP
php-react-dns (1.2.0-1)
Asynchronous DNS resolver for ReactPHP
php-react-event-loop (1.0.0-1.1)
ReactPHP's core reactor event loop for evented I/O
php-react-http (0.8.6-1)
Event-driven, streaming HTTP/HTTPS server for ReactPHP
php-react-promise (2.7.0-2)
lightweight implementation of CommonJS Promises/A for PHP
php-react-promise-stream (1.1.1-3.1)
Link between promises and streams in ReactPHP
php-react-promise-timer (1.5.0-2.1)
Trivial implementation of timeouts for promises on top of ReactPHP
php-react-socket (1.4.0-1)
Asynchronous client and server socket connections for ReactPHP
php-react-stream (1.1.0-1)
Event-driven streams for non-blocking I/O in ReactPHP
php-readline (2:8.1+92)
readline module for PHP [default]
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-readline
php-redis (5.3.5+4.3.0-5.1)
PHP extension for interfacing with Redis
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-redis
php-redis-all-dev (5.3.5+4.3.0-5.1)
PHP extension for interfacing with Redis
php-remctl (3.17-1+b3)
PECL module for Kerberos-authenticated command execution
php-respect-validation (1.1.29-2.1)
PHP validation engine
php-roundcube-rtf-html-php (2.1-2)
RTF to HTML converter in PHP
php-rrd (2.0.3+1.1.3-6)
PHP bindings to rrd tool system
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-rrd
php-rrd-all-dev (2.0.3+1.1.3-6)
PHP bindings to rrd tool system
php-sabre-dav (1.8.12-10)
WebDAV Framework for PHP
php-sabre-vobject (2.1.7-6)
library to parse and manipulate iCalendar and vCard objects
php-seclib (1.0.20-1)
implementations of an arbitrary-precision integer arithmetic library
php-shellcommand (1.6.3-1)
An object oriented interface to shell commands
php-slim (3.12.3-4)
PHP micro framework for quick and simple web applications and APIs
php-snmp (2:8.1+92)
SNMP module for PHP [default]
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-snmp
php-soap (2:8.1+92)
SOAP module for PHP [default]
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-soap
php-sql-formatter (1.2.17+dct1.1.2-1)
a PHP SQL highlighting library
php-sqlite3 (2:8.1+92)
SQLite3 module for PHP [default]
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-sqlite3
php-ssh2 (1.3.1+0.13-6)
Bindings for the libssh2 library
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-ssh2
php-ssh2-all-dev (1.3.1+0.13-6)
Bindings for the libssh2 library
php-swiftmailer (6.3.0-1)
Swiftmailer, free feature-rich PHP mailer
php-sybase (2:8.1+92)
Sybase module for PHP [default]
php-symfony (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
set of reusable components and framework for web projects
php-symfony-all-my-sms-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony AllMySms Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-amazon-mailer (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Amazon Mailer Bridge
php-symfony-amazon-sns-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Amazon SNS Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-amazon-sqs-messenger (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Amazon SQS extension Messenger Bridge
php-symfony-amqp-messenger (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony AMQP extension Messenger Bridge
php-symfony-asset (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
manage asset URLs
php-symfony-beanstalkd-messenger (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Beanstalkd Messenger Bridge
php-symfony-browser-kit (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
simulate the behavior of a web browser
php-symfony-cache (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
provides an extended PSR-6, PSR-16 (and tags) implementation
php-symfony-cache-contracts (2.5.0-2)
Generic abstractions related to caching
php-symfony-clickatell-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Clickatell Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-config (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
load configurations from different data sources
php-symfony-console (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
run tasks from the command line
php-symfony-contracts (2.5.0-2)
A set of abstractions extracted out of the Symfony components
php-symfony-crowdin-translation-provider (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Crowdin Translation Provider Bridge
php-symfony-css-selector (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
convert CSS selectors to XPath expressions
php-symfony-debug-bundle (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
debugging tools for the Symfony framework
php-symfony-dependency-injection (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
standardize and centralize construction of objects
php-symfony-deprecation-contracts (2.5.0-2)
A generic function and convention to trigger deprecation notices
php-symfony-discord-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Discord Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-doctrine-bridge (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
integration for Doctrine with Symfony Components
php-symfony-doctrine-messenger (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Doctrine Messenger Bridge
php-symfony-dom-crawler (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
ease DOM navigation for HTML and XML documents
php-symfony-dotenv (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
.env files parser to make environment variables accessible
php-symfony-error-handler (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
manage errors and ease debugging
php-symfony-esendex-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Esendex Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-event-dispatcher (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
dispatch events and listen to them
php-symfony-event-dispatcher-contracts (2.5.0-2)
Generic abstractions related to dispatching event
php-symfony-expo-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Expo Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-expression-language (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
compile and evaluate expressions
php-symfony-fake-chat-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Fake Chat (as email or log during development) Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-fake-sms-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Fake SMS (as email or log during development) Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-filesystem (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
basic filesystem utilities
php-symfony-finder (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
find files and directories
php-symfony-firebase-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Firebase Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-form (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
create HTML forms and process request data
php-symfony-framework-bundle (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
basic, robust and flexible MVC framework
php-symfony-free-mobile-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Free Mobile Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-gateway-api-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony GatewayApi Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-gitter-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Gitter Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-google-chat-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Google Chat Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-google-mailer (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Google Mailer Bridge
php-symfony-http-client (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
methods to fetch HTTP resources synchronously or asynchronously
php-symfony-http-client-contracts (2.5.0-2)
Generic abstractions related to HTTP clients
php-symfony-http-foundation (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
object-oriented layer for the HTTP specification
php-symfony-http-kernel (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
building blocks for flexible and fast HTTP-based frameworks
php-symfony-inflector (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
words conversion between their singular and plural forms
php-symfony-infobip-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Infobip Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-intl (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
limited replacement layer for the PHP extension intl
php-symfony-iqsms-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Iqsms Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-ldap (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
abstraction layer for the PHP LDAP module
php-symfony-light-sms-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony LightSms Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-linked-in-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony LinkedIn Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-lock (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
create and manage locks
php-symfony-loco-translation-provider (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Loco Translation Provider Bridge
php-symfony-lokalise-translation-provider (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Lokalise Translation Provider Bridge
php-symfony-mailchimp-mailer (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Mailchimp Mailer Bridge
php-symfony-mailer (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
help sending emails
php-symfony-mailgun-mailer (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Mailgun Mailer Bridge
php-symfony-mailjet-mailer (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Mailjet Mailer Bridge
php-symfony-mailjet-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Mailjet Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-mattermost-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Mattermost Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-mercure (0.5.3-2)
publisher part of the Mercure Protocol
php-symfony-mercure-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Mercure Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-message-bird-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony MessageBird Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-message-media-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony MessageMedia Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-messenger (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
send and receive messages
php-symfony-microsoft-teams-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Microsoft Teams Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-mime (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
library to manipulate MIME messages
php-symfony-mobyt-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Mobyt Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-monolog-bridge (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
integration for Monolog with Symfony Components
php-symfony-nexmo-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Nexmo Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Sends notifications via one or more channels (email, SMS, ...)
php-symfony-octopush-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Octopush Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-oh-my-smtp-mailer (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony OhMySMTP Mailer Bridge
php-symfony-one-signal-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony OneSignal Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-options-resolver (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
configure objects with option arrays
php-symfony-ovh-cloud-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony OvhCloud Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-password-hasher (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
password hashing utilities - Symfony Component
php-symfony-phpunit-bridge (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
integration for PHPUnit with Symfony Components
php-symfony-polyfill (1.24.0-1)
Symfony polyfills backporting features to lower PHP versions
php-symfony-polyfill-apcu (1.24.0-1)
Symfony polyfill backporting apcu_* functions to lower PHP versions
php-symfony-polyfill-ctype (1.24.0-1)
Symfony polyfill for ctype functions
php-symfony-polyfill-iconv (1.24.0-1)
Symfony polyfill for the Iconv extension
php-symfony-polyfill-intl-grapheme (1.24.0-1)
Symfony polyfill for intl's grapheme_* functions
php-symfony-polyfill-intl-icu (1.24.0-1)
Symfony polyfill for intl's ICU-related data and classes
php-symfony-polyfill-intl-idn (1.24.0-1)
Symfony polyfill for intl's idn_to_ascii and idn_to_utf8 functions
php-symfony-polyfill-intl-messageformatter (1.24.0-1)
Symfony polyfill for intl's MessageFormatter class and related functions
php-symfony-polyfill-intl-normalizer (1.24.0-1)
Symfony polyfill for intl's Normalizer class and related functions
php-symfony-polyfill-mbstring (1.24.0-1)
Symfony polyfill for the Mbstring extension
php-symfony-polyfill-php72 (1.24.0-1)
Symfony polyfill backporting some PHP 7.2+ features to lower PHP versions
php-symfony-polyfill-php73 (1.24.0-1)
Symfony polyfill backporting some PHP 7.3+ features to lower PHP versions
php-symfony-polyfill-php74 (1.24.0-1)
Symfony polyfill backporting some PHP 7.4+ features to lower PHP versions
php-symfony-polyfill-php80 (1.24.0-1)
Symfony polyfill backporting some PHP 8.0+ features to lower PHP versions
php-symfony-polyfill-php81 (1.24.0-1)
Symfony polyfill backporting some PHP 8.1+ features to lower PHP versions
php-symfony-polyfill-util (1.24.0-1)
Symfony utilities for portability of PHP codes
php-symfony-polyfill-uuid (1.24.0-1)
Symfony polyfill for uuid functions
php-symfony-polyfill-xml (1.24.0-1)
Symfony polyfill for xml's utf8_encode and utf8_decode functions
php-symfony-postmark-mailer (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Postmark Mailer Bridge
php-symfony-process (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
execute commands in sub-processes
php-symfony-property-access (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
read from and write to an object or array
php-symfony-property-info (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
extract information about properties of PHP classes
php-symfony-proxy-manager-bridge (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
integration for ProxyManager with Symfony Components
php-symfony-rate-limiter (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
rate limit input and output in applications
php-symfony-redis-messenger (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Redis extension Messenger Bridge
php-symfony-rocket-chat-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony RocketChat Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-routing (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
associate a request with code that generates a response
php-symfony-runtime (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
decouple PHP applications from global state
php-symfony-security-acl (3.2.0-1)
Symfony Security Component - ACL (Access Control List)
php-symfony-security-bundle (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
configurable security system for the Symfony framework
php-symfony-security-core (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
infrastructure for authorization systems - common features
php-symfony-security-csrf (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
infrastructure for authorization systems - CSRF protection
php-symfony-security-guard (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
infrastructure for authorization systems - Guard features
php-symfony-security-http (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
infrastructure for authorization systems - HTTP integration
php-symfony-semaphore (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
provide exclusive access to a shared resource
php-symfony-sendgrid-mailer (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Sendgrid Mailer Bridge
php-symfony-sendinblue-mailer (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Sendinblue Mailer Bridge
php-symfony-sendinblue-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Sendinblue Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-serializer (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
convert PHP objects into specific formats and vice versa
php-symfony-service-contracts (2.5.0-2)
Generic abstractions related to writing services
php-symfony-sinch-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Sinch Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-slack-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Slack Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-sms-biuras-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony SmsBiuras Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-sms77-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony sms77 Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-smsapi-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Smsapi Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-smsc-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony SMSC Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-spot-hit-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Spot-Hit Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-stopwatch (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
profile PHP code
php-symfony-string (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
object-oriented API to work with strings
php-symfony-telegram-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Telegram Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-telnyx-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Telnyx Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-templating (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
tools needed to build a template system
php-symfony-translation (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
tools to internationalize an application
php-symfony-translation-contracts (2.5.0-2)
Generic abstractions related to translation
php-symfony-turbo-sms-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony TurboSms Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-twig-bridge (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
integration for Twig with Symfony Components
php-symfony-twig-bundle (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
configurable integration of Twig with the Symfony framework
php-symfony-twilio-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Twilio Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-uid (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
object-oriented API to generate and represent UIDs
php-symfony-validator (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
tools to validate values
php-symfony-var-dumper (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
mechanisms for walking through any arbitrary PHP variable
php-symfony-var-exporter (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
export serializable PHP data structure to plain PHP code
php-symfony-vonage-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Vonage Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-web-link (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
manage links between resources
php-symfony-web-profiler-bundle (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
collect requests information for analysis and debugging
php-symfony-workflow (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
manage a workflow or finite state machine
php-symfony-yaml (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
convert YAML to PHP arrays and the other way around
php-symfony-yunpian-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Yunpian Notifier Bridge
php-symfony-zulip-notifier (5.4.2+dfsg-3)
Symfony Zulip Notifier Bridge
php-tcpdf (6.4.4+dfsg1-1)
PHP class for generating PDF files on-the-fly
php-text-figlet (1.0.2-5)
Engine for use FIGlet fonts to rendering text
php-text-languagedetect (0.3.0-2)
Language detection class
php-text-password (1.2.1-5)
Creating passwords with PHP
php-text-template (2.0.4-1)
Simple template engine
php-text-wiki (1.2.1-3)
transform Wiki and BBCode markup into XHTML, LaTeX or plain text markup
php-thrift (0.13.0-7+b1)
PHP language support for Thrift
php-tidy (2:8.1+92)
tidy module for PHP [default]
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-tidy
php-tijsverkoyen-css-to-inline-styles (2.2.4-1)
convert HTML into HTML with inline styles
php-timer (5.0.3-2)
Utility class for timing
php-tokenizer (1.2.1-1)
tokenized PHP source to XML converter
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-common
php-twig (3.3.7-1)
Flexible, fast, and secure template engine for PHP
php-twig-cache-extra (3.3.7-1)
A Twig extension for Symfony Cache
php-twig-cssinliner-extra (3.3.7-1)
A Twig extension to allow inlining CSS
php-twig-extra-bundle (3.3.7-1)
A Symfony bundle for extra Twig extensions
php-twig-html-extra (3.3.7-1)
A Twig extension for HTML
php-twig-i18n-extension (3.0.0-2)
i18n extension for the Twig template system
php-twig-inky-extra (3.3.7-1)
A Twig extension for the inky email templating engine
php-twig-intl-extra (3.3.7-1)
A Twig extension for Intl
php-twig-markdown-extra (3.3.7-1)
A Twig extension for Markdown
php-twig-string-extra (3.3.7-1)
A Twig extension for Symfony String
php-uopz (7.1.1+6.1.2-6)
UOPZ extension for PHP 7
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-uopz
php-uopz-all-dev (7.1.1+6.1.2-6)
UOPZ extension for PHP 7
php-uploadprogress (2.0.2+1.1.4-7)
file upload progress tracking extension for PHP
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-uploadprogress
php-uploadprogress-all-dev (2.0.2+1.1.4-7)
file upload progress tracking extension for PHP
php-uuid (1.2.0-11)
PHP UUID extension
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-uuid, php-symfony-polyfill-uuid
php-uuid-all-dev (1.2.0-11)
PHP UUID extension
php-validate (0.8.5-4.2)
validation class
php-vlucas-phpdotenv (3.6.7-2)
environment variable file loader for PHP
php-webmozart-assert (1.9.1-2)
Assertions to validate method input/output with nice error messages
php-wikidiff2 (1.13.0-1+b2)
external diff engine for mediawiki
php-xajax (0.5-2)
A library to develop Ajax applications
php-xdebug (3.1.2+2.9.8+2.8.1+2.5.5-4)
Xdebug Module for PHP
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-xdebug
php-xdebug-all-dev (3.1.2+2.9.8+2.8.1+2.5.5-4)
Xdebug Module for PHP
php-xml (2:8.1+92)
DOM, SimpleXML, WDDX, XML, and XSL module for PHP [default]
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-xml
php-xml-htmlsax3 (3.0.0+really3.0.0-4)
SAX parser for HTML and other badly formed XML documents
php-xml-svg (1.1.0-2)
php-yac (2.3.1+0.9.2-4)
YAC (Yet Another Cache) for PHP
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-yac
php-yac-all-dev (2.3.1+0.9.2-4)
YAC (Yet Another Cache) for PHP
php-yaml (2.2.2+2.1.0+2.0.4+1.3.2-5)
YAML-1.1 parser and emitter for PHP
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-yaml
php-yaml-all-dev (2.2.2+2.1.0+2.0.4+1.3.2-5)
YAML-1.1 parser and emitter for PHP
php-zend-code (4.5.1-1)
Laminas Project - Code component
php-zend-eventmanager (3.4.0-1)
Laminas Project - EventManager component
php-zend-stdlib (3.7.1-1)
Laminas Project - Stdlib component
php-zeroc-ice (3.7.6-4+b1)
PHP extension for Ice
php-zeta-base (1.9.3-1)
Zeta Components - Base package
php-zeta-console-tools (1.7.3-1)
Zeta Components - ConsoleTools package
php-zeta-unit-test (1.1.3-1)
Zeta Components - UnitTest package
php-zip (2:8.1+92)
Zip module for PHP [default]
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-zip
php-zmq (1.1.3-23)
ZeroMQ messaging bindings for PHP
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-zmq
php-zmq-all-dev (1.1.3-23)
ZeroMQ messaging bindings for PHP
php8.1 (8.1.1-4)
server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage)
php8.1-amqp (1.11.0-4)
AMQP extension for PHP
php8.1-apcu (5.1.21+4.0.11-7)
APC User Cache for PHP
php8.1-ast (1.0.16-4)
AST extension for PHP 7
php8.1-bcmath (8.1.1-4)
Bcmath module for PHP
php8.1-bz2 (8.1.1-4)
bzip2 module for PHP
php8.1-cgi (8.1.1-4)
server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (CGI binary)
php8.1-cli (8.1.1-4)
command-line interpreter for the PHP scripting language
php8.1-common (8.1.1-4)
documentation, examples and common module for PHP
php8.1-curl (8.1.1-4)
CURL module for PHP
php8.1-dba (8.1.1-4)
DBA module for PHP
php8.1-dev (8.1.1-4)
Files for PHP8.1 module development
php8.1-ds (1.4.0-4)
PHP extension providing efficient data structures for PHP 7
php8.1-enchant (8.1.1-4)
Enchant module for PHP
php8.1-fpm (8.1.1-4)
server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (FPM-CGI binary)
php8.1-gd (8.1.1-4)
GD module for PHP
php8.1-gearman (2.1.0+1.1.2-11)
PHP wrapper to libgearman
php8.1-gmagick (2.0.6~rc1+1.1.7~rc3-10)
Provides a wrapper to the GraphicsMagick library
php8.1-gmp (8.1.1-4)
GMP module for PHP
php8.1-gnupg (1.5.1-2)
PHP wrapper around the gpgme library
php8.1-igbinary (3.2.6+2.0.8-7)
igbinary PHP serializer
php8.1-imagick (3.6.0-4)
Provides a wrapper to the ImageMagick library
php8.1-imap (8.1.1-4)
IMAP module for PHP
php8.1-interbase (8.1.1-4)
Interbase module for PHP
php8.1-intl (8.1.1-4)
Internationalisation module for PHP
php8.1-ldap (8.1.1-4)
LDAP module for PHP
php8.1-mailparse (3.1.2+2.1.7~dev20160128-7)
Email message manipulation for PHP
php8.1-mbstring (8.1.1-4)
MBSTRING module for PHP
php8.1-memcache (8.0+
memcache extension module for PHP
php8.1-memcached (3.1.5+2.2.0-14.1)
memcached extension module for PHP, uses libmemcached
php8.1-mongodb (1.12.0+1.9.2+1.7.5-4)
MongoDB driver for PHP
php8.1-msgpack (2.2.0~rc1+2.1.2+0.5.7-6)
PHP extension for interfacing with MessagePack
php8.1-mysql (8.1.1-4)
MySQL module for PHP
php8.1-oauth (2.0.7+1.2.3-14)
OAuth 1.0 consumer and provider extension
php8.1-odbc (8.1.1-4)
ODBC module for PHP
php8.1-opcache (8.1.1-4)
Zend OpCache module for PHP
php8.1-pcov (1.0.11-4)
Code coverage driver
php8.1-pgsql (8.1.1-4)
PostgreSQL module for PHP
php8.1-phpdbg (8.1.1-4)
server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (PHPDBG binary)
php8.1-ps (1.4.4+1.3.7-6)
ps module for PHP
php8.1-pspell (8.1.1-4)
pspell module for PHP
php8.1-psr (1.2.0-4)
PSR interfaces for PHP
php8.1-readline (8.1.1-4)
readline module for PHP
php8.1-redis (5.3.5+4.3.0-5.1)
PHP extension for interfacing with Redis
php8.1-rrd (2.0.3+1.1.3-6)
PHP bindings to rrd tool system
php8.1-snmp (8.1.1-4)
SNMP module for PHP
php8.1-soap (8.1.1-4)
SOAP module for PHP
php8.1-sqlite3 (8.1.1-4)
SQLite3 module for PHP
php8.1-ssh2 (1.3.1+0.13-6)
Bindings for the libssh2 library
php8.1-sybase (8.1.1-4)
Sybase module for PHP
php8.1-tidy (8.1.1-4)
tidy module for PHP
php8.1-uopz (7.1.1+6.1.2-6)
UOPZ extension for PHP 7
php8.1-uploadprogress (2.0.2+1.1.4-7)
file upload progress tracking extension for PHP
php8.1-uuid (1.2.0-11)
PHP UUID extension
php8.1-xdebug (3.1.2+2.9.8+2.8.1+2.5.5-4)
Xdebug Module for PHP
php8.1-xml (8.1.1-4)
DOM, SimpleXML, XML, and XSL module for PHP
php8.1-xsl (8.1.1-4)
XSL module for PHP (dummy)
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av php8.1-xml
php8.1-yac (2.3.1+0.9.2-4)
YAC (Yet Another Cache) for PHP
php8.1-yaml (2.2.2+2.1.0+2.0.4+1.3.2-5)
YAML-1.1 parser and emitter for PHP
php8.1-zip (8.1.1-4)
Zip module for PHP
php8.1-zmq (1.1.3-23)
ZeroMQ messaging bindings for PHP
phpab (1.27.0-1)
lightweight PHP namespace aware autoload generator
phpcpd (6.0.3-1)
copy and paste detector (CPD) for PHP code
phpdox (0.12.0-5)
documentation generation framework and tool
phploc (7.0.2-2)
tool for quickly measuring the size of a PHP project
phpmd (2.11.1-1)
PHP Mess Detector
phpunit (9.5.12-1)
Unit testing suite for PHP
phpunit-cli-parser (1.0.1-1)
Library for parsing CLI options
phpunit-code-unit (1.0.8-1)
Collection of value objects that represent the PHP code units
phpunit-code-unit-reverse-lookup (2.0.3-2)
look up what a line of code belongs to - PHPUnit component
phpunit-comparator (4.0.6-1)
functionality to compare PHP values for equality - PHPUnit component
phpunit-complexity (2.0.2-1)
Library for calculating the complexity of PHP code units
phpunit-diff (4.0.4-1)
diff implementation - stand-alone component from PHPUnit
phpunit-environment (5.1.3-2)
functionality to handle HHVM/PHP environments - PHPUnit component
phpunit-exporter (4.0.4-1)
export variables for visualization - PHPUnit component
phpunit-global-state (5.0.3-2)
snapshotting of global state - PHPUnit component
phpunit-lines-of-code (1.0.3-1)
Library for counting the lines of code in PHP source code
phpunit-object-enumerator (4.0.4-1)
enumerate all referenced objects - PHPUnit component
phpunit-object-reflector (2.0.4-1)
reflection of object attributes - PHPUnit component
phpunit-recursion-context (4.0.4-1)
recursively process PHP variables - PHPUnit component
phpunit-resource-operations (3.0.3-2)
provide a list of PHP built-in functions that operate on resources
phpunit-type (2.3.4-3)
Collection of value objects that represent the types of the PHP type system
phpunit-version (3.0.2-2)
Library that helps with managing the version number of Git-hosted PHP projects
pkg-php-tools (1.42)
various packaging tools and scripts for PHP packages
tweeper (1.4.3-1)
web scraper to convert supported websites like Twitter.com to RSS
wordpress-shibboleth (1.8-1.1)
Shibboleth plugin for WordPress
wordpress-xrds-simple (1.2-1.1)
XRDS-Simple plugin for WordPress