Källkodspaket i "bookworm", Undersektion lisp

abcl (1.9.0-1)
Common Lisp implementation in the Java Virtual Machine
anthy-el (1:0.4-2)
Japanese kana-kanji conversion - elisp frontend
aplus-fsf-el (4.22.1-10.2)
XEmacs lisp for A+ development
auto-complete-el (1.5.1-0.2)
transitional package for elpa-auto-complete
auto-install-el (1.58-1.1)
Auto install elisp file
buildapp (1.5.6-3+b1)
application to create common lisp images
chezscheme (9.5.8+dfsg-1)
Reliable, high performance Scheme compiler
chicken-bin (5.3.0-1)
Practical and portable Scheme system - compiler
cl-abnf (20200229.gitba1fbb1-1)
Common Lisp ABNF parser generator
cl-acl-compat (20190720.gitcac1d69+dfsg-4)
Compatibility layer for Allegro Common Lisp
cl-actionlib (1.14.0-5)
Robot OS actionlib library - LISP interface
cl-actionlib-msgs (1.13.1-1)
Messages relating to Robot OS actionlib, LISP interface
cl-agnostic-lizard (0~git20201010.1.fe3a737-2)
best-effort portable code walker for Common Lisp
cl-alexandria (20211025.gita67c3a6-1)
collection of portable Common Lisp utilities
cl-anaphora (1:0.9.8-1)
Common Lisp Anaphoric Macro Collection
cl-asdf (2:3.3.6-1)
Another System Definition Facility
cl-asdf-finalizers (20170403-1.1)
Enforced finalization of ASDF Common Lisp components
cl-asdf-flv (2.1-2)
file-local variables through Common Lisp's ASDF
cl-asdf-system-connections (20170124-1.1)
Allows for ASDF system to be connected so that auto-loading may occur
cl-aserve (20190720.gitcac1d69+dfsg-4)
Portable Aserve
cl-babel (20200719.gitf892d05-2)
charset encoding/decoding library for Common Lisp
cl-base64 (3.4.0-1)
Common Lisp package to encode and decode base64 with URI support
cl-bond (1.8.6-10)
Messages related to Robot OS bond_core - LISP
cl-bordeaux-threads (0.8.8-5)
Portable threads library for Common Lisp
cl-brlapi (6.5-6)
Common Lisp bindings for BrlAPI
cl-cffi (1:0.24.1-3)
Common Foreign Function Interface for Common Lisp
cl-chipz (20220213.git82a17d3-1)
decompress DEFLATE and BZIP2 data in Common Lisp
cl-chunga (20220222.git7836609-1)
Portable chunked streams for Common Lisp
cl-closer-mop (2:20220227.giteabdf6a-1)
Cross Implementation AMOP library
cl-closure-common (20101107-1.1)
Shared code for Closure XML and Closure HTML
cl-cluck (
Common Lisp Microcontroller Clock Calculator
cl-clx-sbcl (0.7.5-1)
X11 Common Lisp client library for SBCL
cl-command-line-arguments (20151218-1.1)
get command line arguments in Common Lisp
cl-containers (20170403-1.1)
Common Lisp containers data structures
cl-contextl (1:20211215.gitf4fb3f5-1)
context orientation for Common Lisp
cl-csv (20200929.git68ecb5d-1)
Common Lisp library providing easy CSV reading and writing
cl-curry-compose-reader-macros (20171227-1.1)
Reader macros for function partial application and composition.
cl-cxml (20110619-2.1)
XML parser written in Common Lisp
cl-daemon (20170403-1.1)
make lisp process daemonize on unix like platform
cl-db3 (20200212-1)
Common Lisp lib to read dbf files version 3
cl-diagnostic-msgs (1.13.1-1)
Messages relating to Robot OS diagnostic, LISP interface
cl-drakma (2.0.8-1)
Common Lisp HTTP client
cl-dynamic-classes (20130128-2.1)
Common Lisp Dynamic Classes
cl-dynamic-reconfigure (1.7.3-1)
Robot OS dynamic-reconfigure library - LISP bindings
cl-esrap (20211008.gitc99c33a-1)
Packrat Parsing library for Common Lisp
cl-fad (20220110.git3f4d32d-1)
portable pathname library for Common Lisp
cl-fftw3 (1.0.2-1)
Common Lisp package for using the FFTW3 library
cl-fiveam (1.4.2-1)
simple regression testing framework for Common Lisp
cl-flexi-streams (20210728.git41af5dc-1)
Flexi-streams: Flexible bivalent streams for Common Lisp
cl-ftp (1.6.0-1.1)
Common Lisp FTP library
cl-garbage-pools (20130720-1.1)
implementation the APR Pools for resource management
cl-geometry-msgs (1.13.1-1)
Messages relating to Robot OS geometry, LISP interface
cl-getopt (1.2.0-3.2)
Common Lisp utility for command-line processing
cl-github-v3 (20130312-1.1)
Common Lisp interface to the github V3 API
cl-global-vars (0~20141013.gitc749f32-2)
efficient global variables in Common Lisp
cl-graph (20180131-1.1)
simple graph data structure and algorithms
cl-heredoc (0.1.0~git20210329.a8c8a35+ds1-1)
reader macro for heredocs in Common Lisp
cl-htmlgen (20190720.gitcac1d69+dfsg-4)
HTML generation library for Common Lisp programs
cl-hunchentoot (1.2.38-1.1)
Common Lisp web server formerly known as TBNL
cl-hyperobject (2.13-1)
Common Lisp library for hyperobjects
cl-ieee-floats (20170830-1.1)
Common Lisp IEEE-754 float en- and decoding
cl-interpol (20220725.gitd4f49d4-1)
String interpolation for Common Lisp
cl-irc (1:0.9.2+dfsg1-2.1)
Common Lisp Internet Relay Chat Library
cl-irc-logger (0.9.4-3.2)
Internet Relay Channel Logger
cl-ironclad (0.57-3)
cryptographic toolkit written in Common Lisp
cl-iterate (20210519.gitb0f9a9c-1)
Jonathan Amsterdam's Common Lisp iterator/gatherer/accumulator facility
cl-ixf (20180228-1.1)
Common Lisp library to parse IBM IXF file format.
cl-kmrcl (1.111-2)
General Utilities for Common Lisp Programs
cl-launch (4.1.4-1.1)
uniform frontend to running Common Lisp code from the shell
cl-lml (2.5.7-4.2)
Lisp Markup Language
cl-lml2 (1.6.6-4.2)
Lisp Markup Language
cl-local-time (20180228-1.1)
Common Lisp library for date and time manipulations
cl-log (1.0.1-1.1)
general purpose Common Lisp logging utility
cl-lparallel (20160825-1.1)
parallel programming in Common Lisp
cl-lw-compat (20160228.gitaabfe28-1)
LispWorks Compatibility Library
cl-map-msgs (1.14.1-2)
LISP code for map-related ROS Messages
cl-markdown (20101006-2.1)
Common Lisp rewrite of Markdown
cl-md5 (1:20210622.git906593f-1)
Common Lisp package for MD5 Message Digests
cl-metabang-bind (20200101.git9ab6e64-1)
Common Lisp flexible pattern matching
cl-metatilities-base (20170403-1.1)
Common Lisp set of utilities from Metabang
cl-modlisp (0.6-7.2)
Common Lisp interface to the Apache mod-lisp module
cl-move-base-msgs (1.14.1-2)
LISP code for move-base-related ROS Messages
cl-mssql (20180228-1.1)
Common Lisp interface to MS SQL Server
cl-mustache (0.12.1-9-g684f227-1.1)
Common Lisp Mustache Template Renderer
cl-named-readtables (20201221.gitc5689a4-1)
Common Lisp library that creates namespaces for named readtables
cl-nav-msgs (1.13.1-1)
Messages relating to Robot OS nav, LISP interface
cl-nibbles (20210520.gitdad2524-1)
Common Lisp library for accessing octet-addressed blocks of data
cl-nodelet (1.10.2-1)
Robot OS nodelet library - service files - LISP
cl-opencv-apps (2.0.2-8)
opencv_apps Robot OS package - LISP bindings
cl-osicat (0.7.0+git20220117.a45eb3b-1)
lightweight operating system interface for Common Lisp on POSIX-like systems
cl-parse-number (1.7-1.1)
parse a string into one of the standard Common Lisp number types
cl-pcl-msgs (0.3.0-2)
LISP code for PCL-related Robot OS Messages
cl-pg (1:20061216-6.1)
Common Lisp library that provides a socket level postgresql interface
cl-photo (0.14-4.2)
photographic calculator in Common Lisp
cl-pipes (1.2.1-5.2)
Common Lisp library for pipes or streams
cl-plus-ssl (20220328.git8b91648-4)
Common Lisp interface to OpenSSL
cl-polled-camera (1.12.0-12)
Robot OS polled_camera package - LISP
cl-postgres (20211113.git9d4332f-3)
Low-level client library for PosgreSQL
cl-postmodern (20211113.git9d4332f-3)
Common Lisp library for interacting with PostgreSQL databases
cl-ppcre (20220126.gitb4056c5-1)
Portable Perl-compatible regular expressions for Common Lisp
cl-ppcre-unicode (20220126.gitb4056c5-1)
Portable Perl-compatible regular expressions for Common Lisp (Unicode)
cl-ptester (20160829.gitfe69fde-1)
Test suite for Common Lisp programs
cl-pubmed (2.1.3-5.2)
Common Lisp package to query Pubmed medical literature database
cl-puri (1:
Common Lisp Portable URI Library
cl-py-configparser (20170830-1.1)
implements the ConfigParser Python module functionality in Common Lisp
cl-qmynd (20180131-1.1)
MySQL Native Driver for Common Lisp
cl-quicklisp (20150128-1)
library manager for Common Lisp
cl-quri (20150804-1.1)
Yet another URI library for Common Lisp
cl-regex (1-4.1)
Common Lisp regular expression compiler/matcher
cl-reversi (1.0.16-1)
Reversi game for Common Lisp
cl-rfc2388 (20130720+dfsg-1.1)
implementation of RFC 2388 in Common Lisp
cl-roscpp-msg (1.15.15+ds-1)
Header for roscpp messages, LISP
cl-rosgraph-msgs (1.11.3-2)
Messages relating to the Robot OS Computation Graph, LISP bindings
cl-rss (
Common Lisp RSS processor
cl-rt (20090812.gita6a7503-1)
Common Lisp regression tester from MIT
cl-s-sql (20211113.git9d4332f-3)
lispy syntax for SQL queries
cl-salza2 (2.0.9-1.1)
Create compressed data from Common Lisp
cl-sensor-msgs (1.13.1-1)
Messages relating to Robot OS sensor, LISP interface
cl-shape-msgs (1.13.1-1)
Messages relating to Robot OS shape, LISP interface
cl-simple-date (20211113.git9d4332f-3)
Common Lisp types for dates, timestamps, and intervals
cl-speech-dispatcher (0.11.4-2)
Common Lisp interface to Speech Dispatcher
cl-split-sequence (1:2.0.1-1)
Common Lisp package to split a sequence of objects
cl-sql (6.7.2-1.1)
SQL Interface for Common Lisp
cl-sql-aodbc (6.7.2-1.1)
CLSQL database backend, AODBC
cl-sql-mysql (6.7.2-1.1)
CLSQL database backend, MySQL
cl-sql-odbc (6.7.2-1.1)
CLSQL database backend, ODBC
cl-sql-oracle (6.7.2-1.1) [contrib]
CLSQL database backend, Oracle
cl-sql-postgresql (6.7.2-1.1)
CLSQL database backend, PostgreSQL via library
cl-sql-postgresql-socket (6.7.2-1.1)
CLSQL database backend, PostgreSQL via sockets
cl-sql-sqlite3 (6.7.2-1.1)
CLSQL database backend, SQLite3
cl-sql-tests (6.7.2-1.1)
Testing suite for CLSQL
cl-sql-uffi (6.7.2-1.1)
Common UFFI functions for CLSQL database backends
cl-sqlite (20130615-2.1)
Common Lisp interface to SQLite
cl-std-msgs (0.5.13-2)
LISP interface for Standard Robot OS Messages
cl-std-srvs (1.11.3-2)
Common service definitions, LISP bindings
cl-stereo-msgs (1.13.1-1)
Messages relating to Robot OS stereo, LISP interface
cl-swank (2:2.27+dfsg-1)
Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs (Lisp-side server)
cl-tf (1.13.2-10)
Robot OS tf transform library -- LISP interface
cl-tf2-msgs (0.7.6-1)
Robot OS tf2 transform library messages - LISP
cl-tf2-srvs (0.7.6-1)
Robot OS tf2 transform library services - LISP
cl-topic-tools (1.15.15+ds-1)
LISP library for working with Robot OS topics
cl-trajectory-msgs (1.13.1-1)
Messages relating to Robot OS trajectory, LISP interface
cl-trivial-backtrace (20200511.git6eb65bd-1)
generate a Common Lisp backtrace portably
cl-trivial-features (20210228.gitf6e8dd7-2)
abstraction layer for the *FEATURES* across Common Lisp implementations
cl-trivial-garbage (20211229.gitb3af9c0-1)
portable garbage collector-related APIs for Common Lisp
cl-trivial-gray-streams (20210117.git2b3823e-1)
thin compatibility layer for Common Lisp gray streams
cl-trivial-macroexpand-all (0~git20171020.933270a-2)
macroexpand-all function which calls implementation-specific equivalent
cl-trivial-utf-8 (20111001-1.1)
small Common Lisp library for doing UTF-8-based in- and output
cl-uax-15 (0~20211021.git75c8a87-3)
Common Lisp Unicode normalization functions per Standard Annex #15
cl-uffi (2.1.2-1.1)
Universal Foreign Function Library for Common Lisp
cl-uffi-tests (2.1.2-1.1)
Regression tests for UFFI Common Lisp Library
cl-umlisp (1:2007ac.2-6.1) [contrib]
Common Lisp interface for the Unified Medical Language System
cl-umlisp-orf (3.3.2-3.1) [contrib]
Common Lisp Unified Medical Language System Interface, ORF
cl-unicode (20201101.git54bdf2c-1)
portable Unicode library for Common Lisp
cl-usocket (0.8.3-2)
Common Lisp socket library
cl-utilities (1.2.4-3.2)
collection of Common Lisp utilities
cl-uuid (20130813-1.1)
Common Lisp librabry for generation of UUIDs as described by RFC 4122
cl-visualization-msgs (1.13.1-1)
Messages relating to Robot OS visualization, LISP interface
cl-webactions (20190720.gitcac1d69+dfsg-4)
HTTP dispatch library for cl-aserve
cl-who (20171130-1.1)
Yet another Lisp markup language
cl-xlunit (0.6.3-2.2)
Common Lisp eXtreme Lisp Unit Testing Package
cl-xmls (3.0.2-1)
XML Simple Parser for Common Lisp
cl-xptest (1.2.4-3.2)
Extreme programming test suite for Common Lisp package
cl-yason (0.7.6-1.1)
JSON encoder/decoder for Common Lisp
cl-zip (20150608-1.1)
Common Lisp HTTP client
cl-zpb-ttf (1.0.4-1)
Access TrueType fonts with Common Lisp
cl-zs3 (1.3.1-1.1)
Amazon S3 and CloudFront from Common Lisp
clisp (1:2.49.20210628.gitde01f0f-3)
GNU CLISP, a Common Lisp implementation
clisp-module-berkeley-db (1:2.49.20210628.gitde01f0f-3)
GNU CLISP module that adds an interface to Berkeley DB
clisp-module-clx (1:2.49.20210628.gitde01f0f-3)
GNU CLISP module that adds X11 bindings
clisp-module-dbus (1:2.49.20210628.gitde01f0f-3)
GNU CLISP module that adds an interface to D-Bus
clisp-module-fastcgi (1:2.49.20210628.gitde01f0f-3)
GNU CLISP module that adds an interface to FastCGI
clisp-module-gdbm (1:2.49.20210628.gitde01f0f-3)
GNU CLISP module that adds an interface to GNU DBM
clisp-module-libsvm (1:2.49.20210628.gitde01f0f-3)
GNU CLISP module that adds an interface to LIBSVM
clisp-module-pari (1:2.49.20210628.gitde01f0f-3)
GNU CLISP module that adds an interface to PARI
clisp-module-pcre (1:2.49.20210628.gitde01f0f-3)
GNU CLISP module that adds libpcre support
clisp-module-postgresql (1:2.49.20210628.gitde01f0f-3)
GNU CLISP module that adds a PostgreSQL interface
clisp-module-zlib (1:2.49.20210628.gitde01f0f-3)
GNU CLISP module that adds zlib support for vectors
cmucl (21d-1.1)
CMU Common Lisp compiler and development system
cmucl-clm (21d-1.1)
Motif interface for CMUCL
cmucl-docs (21d-1.1)
CMUCL documentation
cmucl-source (21d-1.1)
CMUCL lisp sources
cmuscheme48-el (1.9.2-2)
Emacs mode specialized for Scheme48
darcsum (1.10+20120116-4)
Transition package, darcsum to elpa-darcsum
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av elpa-darcsum
debian-el (37.10)
Transition package, debian-el to elpa-debian-el
develock-el (0.47-3.1)
additional font-lock keywords for the developers on Emacs
devscripts-el (40.5)
Transition package, devscripts-el to elpa-devscripts
dh-lisp (0.7.2)
Debhelper to support Common Lisp related packages
dpkg-dev-el (37.9)
Transition package, dpkg-dev-el to elpa-dpkg-dev-el
e2wm (1.4-3)
simple window manager for emacs
ecasound-el (2.9.3-4)
multitrack-capable audio recorder and effect processor (emacs)
ecl (21.2.1+ds-4)
Embeddable Common-Lisp: has an interpreter and can compile to C
edict-el (1.06-11.2)
Emacs interface to Edict
elk (3.99.8-4.2+b1)
scheme interpreter
elpa-ace-link (0.5.0-3)
selecting a link to jump to
elpa-ace-popup-menu (0.2.1-3)
replace GUI popup menu with something more efficient
elpa-ace-window (0.10.0-1)
selecting a window to switch to
elpa-acl2 (8.5dfsg-5)
Computational Logic for Applicative Common Lisp: emacs interface
elpa-aggressive-indent (1.9.0-3)
Emacs minor mode that reindents code after every change
elpa-anzu (0.64-1)
show number of matches in mode-line while searching
elpa-apiwrap (0.5-4)
api-wrapping macros
elpa-assess (0.6-1)
test support functions for Emacs
elpa-async (1.9.7-1)
simple library for asynchronous processing in Emacs
elpa-ats2-mode (0.4.2-1.1)
ATS version 2 programming language emacs mode
elpa-auto-complete (1.5.1-0.2)
intelligent auto-completion extension for GNU Emacs
elpa-auto-dictionary (1.1+14.gb364e08-2)
automatic dictionary switcher for Emacs spell checking
elpa-avy (0.5.0-2)
jump to things in Emacs tree-style
elpa-avy-menu (0.1.1-3)
library providing avy-powered popup menu
elpa-bar-cursor (2.0-1.1)
switch Emacs block cursor to a bar
elpa-beacon (1.3.4-1)
highlight the cursor whenever the window scrolls
elpa-beginend (2.3.0-1)
redefine M-< and M-> for some modes to get to meaningful locations
elpa-bind-chord (2.4.4-1)
key-chord binding helper for use-package-chords
elpa-bind-key (2.4.4-1)
simple way to manage personal keybindings
elpa-bind-map (1.1.1-5)
bind personal keymaps in multiple locations
elpa-bm (201905-3)
visual bookmarks for GNU Emacs
elpa-boxquote (2.2-1)
quote text in Emacs with a semi-box
elpa-browse-kill-ring (2.0.0-3)
interactively insert items from kill-ring
elpa-bug-hunter (1.3.1+repack-6)
automatically debug and bisect your init.el or .emacs file
elpa-buttercup (1.26-4)
behaviour-driven testing for Emacs Lisp packages
elpa-char-menu (0.1.1-3)
create your own menu for fast insertion of arbitrary symbols
elpa-closql (1.2.1-3)
Store EIEIO objects using EmacSQL
elpa-clues-theme (1.0.1-3.1)
cream/brown/orange color theme for Emacs
elpa-color-theme-modern (0.0.3-3)
deftheme reimplementation of classic Emacs color-themes
elpa-company (0.9.13-2)
Modular in-buffer completion framework for Emacs
elpa-concurrent (0.5.1-5)
higher level library for concurrent tasks
elpa-counsel (0.13.4+78.gb8be491-1)
collection of Ivy-enhanced versions of common Emacs commands
elpa-csv-mode (1.21-1)
Emacs major mode for editing comma, char, and tab separated values
elpa-ctable (0.1.2-6)
table component for Emacs Lisp
elpa-dap-mode (0.7-3)
DAP UI controls implemented using treemacs.
elpa-darcsum (1.10+20120116-4)
pcl-cvs like interface for managing darcs patches
elpa-dash (2.19.1+git20220608.1.0ac1ecf+dfsg-1)
modern list manipulation library for Emacs
elpa-db (0.0.6+git20140421.b3a423f-3)
database interface for Emacs Lisp
elpa-debian-el (37.10)
Emacs helpers specific to Debian users
elpa-debpaste (0.1.5-4)
paste.debian.net client for Emacs
elpa-deferred (0.5.1-5)
simple asynchronous functions for Emacs Lisp
elpa-deft (0.8-3)
Emacs mode to browse, filter, and edit plain text notes
elpa-devscripts (40.5)
Emacs wrappers for the commands in devscripts
elpa-diff-hl (1.9.1-1)
highlight uncommitted changes using VC
elpa-diffview (1.0-3)
view diffs in side-by-side format
elpa-diminish (0.45-4)
hiding or abbreviation of the mode line displays of minor-modes
elpa-dired-du (0.5.2-2)
dired with recursive directory sizes
elpa-dired-quick-sort (0.2-1)
persistent quick sorting of dired buffers in various ways
elpa-dired-rsync (0.6-1)
support for rsync from Emacs dired buffers
elpa-discover-my-major (1.0-4)
discover key bindings and their meaning for the current Emacs major mode
elpa-dockerfile-mode (1.8-1)
Major mode for editing Docker's Dockerfiles
elpa-doom-themes (2.3.0-1)
opinionated pack of modern Emacs color-themes
elpa-dpkg-dev-el (37.9)
Emacs helpers specific to Debian development
elpa-dumb-jump (0.5.4-2)
jump to definition for multiple languages without configuration
elpa-ebib (2.39.3-1)
BibTeX database manager for Emacs
elpa-ediprolog (2.2-1)
Emacs Does Interactive Prolog
elpa-el-mock (1.25.1-4)
tiny mock and stub framework for Emacs Lisp
elpa-el-x (0.3.1-4)
Emacs Lisp extensions
elpa-elfeed (3.4.1-1)
Emacs Atom/RSS feed reader
elpa-elisp-refs (1.4-1)
find callers of elisp functions or macros
elpa-elpher (2.10.2-2)
friendly gopher and gemini client
elpa-engine-mode (2.2.1-1)
define and query search engines from within Emacs
elpa-epc (0.1.1-6)
RPC stack for Emacs Lisp
elpa-epl (0.9-5)
Emacs Package Library
elpa-ert-async (0.1.2-5)
asynchronous tests for the Emacs ERT testing framework
elpa-ert-expectations (0.2-4)
very simple unit test framework for Emacs Lisp
elpa-esh-help (1.0.1-2.1)
add some help functions and support for Eshell
elpa-eshell-bookmark (2.0.0-2.1)
integrate bookmarks with Eshell
elpa-eshell-git-prompt (0.1.3-1)
Eshell prompt themes for Git users
elpa-eshell-prompt-extras (1.0-1)
display extra information in your Eshell prompt
elpa-eshell-up (0.0.3-5)
quickly go to a specific parent directory in eshell
elpa-eshell-z (0.4-3)
cd to frequent directory in eshell
elpa-esup (0.7.1-4)
Emacs StartUp Profiler
elpa-esxml (0.3.7-1)
XML, ESXML and SXML library for Emacs Lisp
elpa-evil (1.14.2-1)
extensible vi layer for Emacs
elpa-evil-paredit (0.0.2-5)
emacs extension, integrating evil and paredit
elpa-exec-path-from-shell (1.12-2)
get environment variables such as $PATH from the shell
elpa-eyebrowse (0.7.8-2)
simple-minded way of managing window configs in Emacs
elpa-f (0.20.0-3)
modern API for working with files and directories in Emacs Lisp
elpa-faceup (0.0.4-5)
Regression test system for font-lock
elpa-fill-column-indicator (1.90-2.1)
graphically indicate the fill column
elpa-find-file-in-project (6.2.0-1)
quick access to project files in Emacs
elpa-flx (0.6.1-5)
sorting algorithm for fuzzy matching in Emacs
elpa-flx-ido (0.6.1-5)
allows Emacs Ido to use the flx sorting algorithm
elpa-flycheck (32~git.20200527.9c435db3-2)
modern on-the-fly syntax checking for Emacs
elpa-flycheck-package (0.14-1)
flycheck checker for Elisp package authors
elpa-folding (0.0~git20220110.1ce338b-1)
folding-editor minor mode for Emacs
elpa-fsm (0.2.1-4)
state machine library
elpa-geiser (0.10-1)
enhanced Scheme interaction mode for Emacs
elpa-ghub (3.5.6-1)
minuscule client for the Github API
elpa-ghub+ (0.3-6)
thick GitHub API client built on ghub
elpa-git-annex (1.1-4)
Emacs integration for git-annex
elpa-git-messenger (0.18-5)
pop up last commit information of current line
elpa-git-modes (1.4.0-1)
major modes for editing Git configuration files
elpa-git-timemachine (4.11-1)
walk through git revisions of a file
elpa-gitattributes-mode (1.4.0-1)
major mode for editing Git configuration files (gitattributes)
elpa-gitconfig-mode (1.4.0-1)
major mode for editing Git configuration files (gitconfig and gitmodules)
elpa-gitignore-mode (1.4.0-1)
major mode for editing Git configuration files (gitignore)
elpa-gitlab-ci-mode (20190824.12.2-2)
Emacs mode for editing GitLab CI files
elpa-gnuplot-mode (1:0.8.0+git20230101.1.b57caf8-1)
Gnuplot mode for Emacs
elpa-go-mode (3:1.6.0-1)
Emacs mode for editing Go code
elpa-golden-ratio (1.0-6)
automatic resizing of Emacs windows to the golden ratio
elpa-goo (0.155+ds-4)
generic object-orientator (Emacs support)
elpa-goto-chg (1.7.3-1)
navigate the point to the most recent edit in the buffer
elpa-graphql (0.1.1-5)
GraphQL utilities
elpa-graphviz-dot-mode (0.4.2-2)
Emacs mode for the dot-language used by graphviz.
elpa-haskell-mode (17.2-5)
major mode for editing Haskell in Emacs
elpa-helm (3.8.4-1)
Emacs incremental completion and selection narrowing framework
elpa-helm-ag (0.59-1)
Silver Searcher integration with Emacs Helm
elpa-helm-core (3.8.4-1)
Emacs Helm library files
elpa-helm-projectile (0.14.0-6)
Helm integration for Projectile
elpa-helm-virtualenvwrapper (0.2.0-2)
helm-source for virtualenvwrapper.el
elpa-helpful (0.19-2)
better *help* buffer
elpa-highlight-indentation (0.7.0-5)
highlight the indentation level in Emacs buffers
elpa-highlight-numbers (0.2.3-6)
highlight numbers in source code
elpa-hl-todo (3.4.2-1)
highlight TODO and similar keywords in comments and strings
elpa-ht (2.3-2)
hash table library for Emacs
elpa-htmlize (1.56-1)
convert buffer text and decorations to HTML
elpa-hungry-delete (1.1.5-7)
enable hungry deletion in all modes
elpa-hydra (0.15.0-3)
make Emacs bindings that stick around
elpa-ibuffer-projectile (0.3-1)
group buffers in ibuffer list by Projectile project
elpa-ibuffer-vc (0.11-1)
group ibuffer list by VC project and show VC status
elpa-ido-completing-read+ (4.14-1)
completing-read-function using ido
elpa-ido-vertical-mode (0.1.6-5)
make ido-mode display vertically
elpa-iedit (
edit multiple regions in the same way simultaneously
elpa-imenu-list (0.9-1)
show the current Emacs buffer's imenu entries in a separate window
elpa-inform-mode (1.6.2-3)
Emacs major mode for editing Inform 6 source
elpa-initsplit (1.8+3+gc941d43-3)
code to split customizations into different files
elpa-irony (1.5.0-4)
Emacs C/C++ minor mode powered by libclang
elpa-ivy (0.13.4+78.gb8be491-1)
generic completion mechanism for Emacs
elpa-ivy-hydra (0.13.4+78.gb8be491-1)
additional key bindings for Emacs Ivy
elpa-jinja2-mode (0.2+git20200624.159558e-1)
Emacs major mode for editing jinja2 code
elpa-key-chord (0.6-6)
map pairs of simultaneously pressed keys to commands
elpa-kv (0.0.19+git20140108.7211484-4)
key/value data structure functions for Emacs Lisp
elpa-lbdb (0.51.1-1)
Little Brother's DataBase Emacs extensions
elpa-let-alist (1.0.6-2)
let-bind values of an assoc-list by their names in Emacs Lisp
elpa-linum-relative (0.6-2.1)
display relative line number in Emacs
elpa-load-relative (1.3.1-3)
relative file load (within a multi-file Emacs package)
elpa-loop (1.3-2.1)
friendly imperative loop structures for Emacs Lisp
elpa-lsp-haskell (1.0.20211214-1)
Haskell support for lsp-mode
elpa-lsp-java (0.20211124-2)
Java LSP support for emacs
elpa-lsp-mode (8.0.0-5)
Emacs client/library for the Language Server Protocol
elpa-lsp-treemacs (0.4-3)
treemacs integration for Emacs LSP
elpa-lsp-ui (8.0.0-1)
UI modules for lsp-mode
elpa-lua-mode (20210802-3)
Emacs major-mode for editing Lua programs
elpa-lv (0.15.0-3)
other echo area
elpa-m-buffer (0.15-2.1)
list-oriented, functional buffer manipulation
elpa-magit-annex (1.8.1-1)
git-annex subcommands for magit
elpa-magit-forge (0.3.1-1)
Work with Git forges from the comfort of Magit
elpa-makey (0.3-4)
flexible context menu system
elpa-markdown-mode (2.5-1)
mode for editing Markdown-formatted text files in GNU Emacs
elpa-markdown-toc (0.1.5-2)
Emacs TOC (table of contents) generator for markdown files
elpa-memoize (1.1-2.1)
memoization functions
elpa-meson-mode (0.3-1)
Major mode for the Meson build system files
elpa-message-templ (0.3.20161104-3)
templates for Emacs message-mode
elpa-migemo (1.9.2-3)
Japanese incremental search with Romaji on Emacsen
elpa-minimap (1.4-1)
sidebar showing a "mini-map" of a buffer
elpa-mocker (0.5.0-1)
mocking framework for Emacs
elpa-modus-themes (1.0.2-1)
set of accessible themes conforming with WCAG AAA accessibility standard
elpa-monokai-theme (3.5.3-3)
fruity color theme for Emacs
elpa-move-text (2.0.10-1)
move current line or region up and down
elpa-mutt-alias (1.5-4)
Emacs package to lookup and insert expanded Mutt mail aliases
elpa-muttrc-mode (1.2.1-3)
Emacs major mode for editing muttrc
elpa-neotree (0.5.2-4)
directory tree sidebar for Emacs that is like NERDTree for Vim
elpa-nginx-mode (1.1.9-2)
major mode for editing nginx config files
elpa-no-littering (1.2.7-1)
help keeping ~/.emacs.d clean
elpa-noflet (0.0.15-5)
Emacs Lisp noflet macro for dynamic, local advice
elpa-nose (0.1.1+git20140520.f852829-2)
easy Python test running in Emacs
elpa-nov (0.4.0-1)
featureful EPUB (ebook) reader mode for Emacs
elpa-openwith (0.8g-5)
seamlessly open files in external programs with Emacs
elpa-org (9.5.2+dfsh-4)
Keep notes, maintain ToDo lists, and do project planning in emacs
elpa-org-bullets (0.2.4-3.1)
show bullets in Org-mode as UTF-8 characters
elpa-org-drill (2.7.0+20200412+dfsg1-2)
emacs org-mode contrib for self-testing using spaced repetition
elpa-package-lint (0.16-1)
linting library for Elisp package authors
elpa-package-lint-flymake (0.16-1)
package-lint Flymake backend
elpa-paredit (26-1)
Emacs minor mode for structurally editing Lisp code
elpa-paredit-everywhere (0.4git10-1)
cut-down version of paredit for non-lisp buffers
elpa-parent-mode (2.3-5)
get major mode's parent modes
elpa-parsebib (4.3-1)
Emacs Lisp library for parsing .bib files
elpa-pcre2el (1.8+git20221018.0a0802b-2)
Emacs mode to convert between PCRE, Emacs and rx regexp syntax
elpa-perspective (2.2-3)
tagged workspaces in Emacs
elpa-pg (0.13+git.20130731.456516ec-2)
Emacs Lisp interface for PostgreSQL
elpa-php-mode (1.24.2-2)
PHP Mode for GNU Emacs
elpa-pip-requirements (0.5-3)
major mode for editing pip requirements files
elpa-pkg-info (0.6-6)
provide information about Emacs packages
elpa-pointback (0.2-4)
restore window points when returning to buffers
elpa-poke (2.4+dfsg-1)
Extensible editor for structured binary data (Emacs mode)
elpa-popup (0.5.8-1)
visual popup user interface library for Emacs
elpa-posframe (1.1.7-3)
Emacs library to Pop a frame at point
elpa-powerline (2.4-4)
Emacs version of the Vim powerline
elpa-projectile (2.7.0-1)
project interaction library for Emacs
elpa-ps-ccrypt (1.11-2)
Emacs addon for working with files encrypted with ccrypt
elpa-puppet-mode (0.4-2)
Emacs major mode for Puppet manifests
elpa-py-autopep8 (2016.1-3)
use autopep8 to beautify a Python buffer
elpa-py-isort (2016.1-5)
use isort to sort the imports in a Python buffer
elpa-python-environment (0.0.2-6)
virtualenv API for Emacs Lisp
elpa-pyvenv (1.21+git20201124.37e7cb1-1)
Python virtual environment interface
elpa-qml-mode (0.4-4)
Emacs major mode for editing QT Declarative (QML) code
elpa-queue (0.2-4)
queue data structure for Emacs Lisp
elpa-racket-mode (20210916git0-2)
emacs support for editing and running racket code
elpa-rainbow-delimiters (2.1.5-3)
Emacs mode to colour-code delimiters according to their depth
elpa-rainbow-identifiers (0.2.2-5)
highlight identifiers according to their names
elpa-rainbow-mode (1.0.6-1)
colorize color names in buffers
elpa-recursive-narrow (20140811.1546+git20190306.5e3e206-1)
narrow-to-region that operates recursively
elpa-redtick (00.01.02+git20170220.e6d2e9b+dfsg-4)
tiny pomodoro timer for Emacs
elpa-request (0.3.3-2)
Compatibility layer for URL request in Emacs
elpa-restart-emacs (0.1.1-4)
restart emacs from within emacs
elpa-rich-minority (1.0.3-2)
clean-up and beautify the list of minor-modes in Emacs' mode-line
elpa-s (1.12.0-5)
string manipulation library for Emacs
elpa-seq (2.23-1)
sequence manipulation functions for Emacs Lisp
elpa-sesman (0.3.4-2)
session manager for Emacs IDEs
elpa-session (2.4b-3)
use variables, registers and buffer places across sessions
elpa-shut-up (0.3.3-4)
Emacs Lisp macros to quieten Emacs
elpa-simple-httpd (1.5.1-4)
pure elisp HTTP server
elpa-smart-mode-line (2.14-1)
powerful and beautiful mode-line for Emacs
elpa-smart-mode-line-powerline-theme (2.14-1)
Smart Mode Line themes that use Emacs Powerline
elpa-smeargle (0.03-5)
highlight region by last updated time
elpa-smex (3.0-6)
M-x interface for Emacs with Ido-style fuzzy matching
elpa-solarized-theme (2.0.0-1)
port of Solarized theme to Emacs
elpa-spinner (1.7.4-2)
spinner for the Emacs modeline for operations in progress
elpa-suggest (0.7-3)
discover Emacs Lisp functions based on examples
elpa-super-save (0.3.0-3)
auto-save buffers, based on your activity
elpa-swiper (0.13.4+78.gb8be491-1)
alternative to Emacs' isearch--with an overview
elpa-system-packages (1.0.11-2)
functions to manage system packages
elpa-systemd (1.6-2.1)
major mode for editing systemd units
elpa-tablist (1.0-2)
tablist adds maks and filters to tabulated-list-mode
elpa-transmission (0.12.2-1)
Emacs interface to a Transmission session
elpa-treepy (0.1.2-2)
Generic tree traversal tools
elpa-undercover (0.8.1-1)
test coverage library for Emacs Lisp
elpa-undo-tree (0.8.1-1)
Emacs minor mode for handling undo history as tree
elpa-use-package (2.4.4-1)
configuration macro for simplifying your .emacs
elpa-use-package-chords (2.4.4-1)
key-chord keyword for use-package
elpa-use-package-ensure-system-package (2.4.4-1)
autoinstall system packages
elpa-uuid (0.0.3~git20120910.1519bfe-3)
UUID/GUID library for Emacs Lisp
elpa-vc-fossil (2022.07.07-1)
Emacs VC backend for the Fossil Version Control system
elpa-verbiste (0.1.47-1)
French and Italian conjugator - emacs extension
elpa-vimish-fold (0.2.3-5)
fold text in GNU Emacs like in Vim
elpa-virtualenvwrapper (0.2.0-2)
featureful virtualenv tool for Emacs
elpa-visual-fill-column (2.4-1)
Emacs mode that wraps visual-line-mode buffers at fill-column
elpa-visual-regexp (1.1.2-2)
in-buffer visual feedback while using Emacs regexps
elpa-wc-mode (1.4-1)
display a word count in the Emacs modeline
elpa-web-mode (17.0.2-1)
major emacs mode for editing web templates
elpa-websocket (1.13-1)
Emacs WebSocket client and server
elpa-weechat (0.5.0-5)
Chat via WeeChat's relay protocol in Emacs.
elpa-which-key (3.6.0-1)
display available keybindings in popup
elpa-with-simulated-input (3.0-1)
macro to simulate user input non-interactively
elpa-world-time-mode (0.0.6-4)
Emacs mode to compare timezones throughout the day
elpa-ws-butler (0.6-4)
unobtrusively remove trailing whitespace in Emacs
elpa-xml-rpc (1.6.12-4)
Emacs Lisp XML-RPC client
elpa-xr (1.23-1)
convert string regexp to rx notation
elpa-yaml (0.5.1-1)
YAML parser and encoder for Elisp
elpa-yasnippet (0.14.0+git20200603.5cbdbf0d-2)
template system for Emacs
elpa-yasnippet-snippets (1.0+28.gcd665c9-1)
Andrea Crotti's official YASnippet snippets
elpa-zenburn-theme (2.7.0-2)
low contrast color theme for Emacs
elpa-ztree (1.0.6-1)
text mode directory tree
elpa-zzz-to-char (0.1.3-3)
fancy version of `zap-to-char' command
emacs-calfw (1.6+git20180118-1.1)
calendar framework for Emacs
emacs-calfw-howm (1.6+git20180118-1.1)
calendar framework for Emacs (howm add-on)
emacs-goodies-el (42.4)
Miscellaneous add-ons for Emacs
emacs-window-layout (1.4-2.1)
window layout manager for emacs
euslisp (9.27+dfsg-7)
Lisp based intelligent robots programming system
euslisp-dev (9.27+dfsg-7)
Development files of Lisp based intelligent robots programming system
gambc (4.9.3-1.2+b1)
Gambit Scheme interpreter and compiler
gcl (2.6.14-1)
GNU Common Lisp compiler
geiser (0.10-1)
Transition Package, geiser to elpa-geiser
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av elpa-geiser
gettext-el (0.21-10)
Emacs mode for editing gettext .po files
goo (0.155+ds-4)
generic object-orientator (programming language)
gri-el (2.12.27-1.1)
Emacs major-mode for gri, a language for scientific graphics
guile-3.0 (3.0.8-2)
GNU extension language and Scheme interpreter
guile-3.0-dev (3.0.8-2)
Development files for Guile 3.0
guile-3.0-libs (3.0.8-2)
Core Guile libraries
guile-bytestructures (1.0.10-3)
Structured access to bytevector contents
guile-cairo (1.11.2-5)
Guile bindings for Cairo
guile-cairo-dev (1.11.2-5)
Guile bindings for Cairo, development files
guile-gcrypt (0.4.0-2)
gcrypt bindings for guile
guile-git (0.5.2-5)
guile bindings for libgit2
guile-gnutls (3.7.8-4)
GNU TLS library - GNU Guile bindings
guile-json (4.7.3-2)
JSON module for Guile
guile-library (0.2.7-4)
Library of useful Guile modules
guile-lzlib (0.0.2-3)
lzlib bindings for guile
guile-semver (0.1.1-3)
guile implementation of Semantic Versioning
guile-sqlite3 (0.1.3-3)
guile bindings for sqlite3
guile-ssh (0.16.2-1)
guile bindings for libssh
guile-zlib (0.1.0-4)
zlib bindings for guile
guile-zstd (0.1.1-4)
zstd bindings for guile
haml-elisp (1:3.1.0-3.2)
Emacs Lisp mode for the Haml markup language
howm (1.4.8-1)
Note-taking tool on Emacs
idl-font-lock-el (1.5-11)
OMG IDL font-locking for Emacs
ikarus (0.0.3+bzr.2010.01.26+bap.1-1)
Scheme compiler and interpreter
irony-server (1.5.0-4)
Emacs C/C++ minor mode powered by libclang (server)
jskeus (1.2.4+dfsg-3+b1)
Lisp based intelligent robots programming system
jskeus-dev (1.2.4+dfsg-3)
Development files of Lisp based intelligent robots programming system
libthemedsupport (5.0.0-2)
Theme-D support library
lookup-el (1.4.1-21)
emacsen interface to electronic dictionaries
mit-scheme (12.1-3)
MIT/GNU Scheme development environment
mu4e (1.8.13-1)
e-mail client for Emacs based on mu (maildir-utils)
newlisp (10.7.5-2+b2)
LISP like, general purpose scripting language
oaklisp (1.3.7-4)
Object-oriented dialect of Scheme
oneliner-el (0.3.6-9.2)
extensions of Emacs standard shell-mode
picolisp (22.12-1)
Lisp interpreter and application server framework
r6rs-nanopass-dev (1.9.2-1)
embedded DSL for writing compilers in Scheme
racket (8.7+dfsg1-1)
extensible programming language in the Scheme family
racket-common (8.7+dfsg1-1)
extensible programming language in the Scheme family (shared files)
rail (1.2.14-2)
Replace Agent-string Internal Library
rep (0.92.5-3.1)
lisp command interpreter
roslisp (1.9.24-3)
Lisp client library for Robot OS
sass-elisp (3.0.15-4.4)
Emacs Lisp mode for the Sass markup language
sawfish-lisp-source (1:1.11.90-1.2)
sawfish lisp files
sbcl (2:2.2.9-1)
Common Lisp compiler and development system
sbcl-source (2:2.2.9-1)
Source code files for SBCL
scheme-chez-srfi (0.0+git20201107.bac6f29+dfsg-2)
SRFI libraries for Chez Scheme and others
scheme48 (1.9.2-2)
simple, modular, and lightweight Scheme implementation
scheme9 (2018.12.05-2)
Scheme 9 from Empty Space R4RS Scheme interpreter
scm (5f3-4)
Scheme language interpreter
sigscheme (0.9.1-2)
Scheme Interpreter to be embedded
sigscheme-runtime (0.9.1-2)
Runtime for sigscheme Scheme interpreter
silversearcher-ag-el (0.48-1.1)
transitional dummy package, silversearcher-ag-el to elpa-ag
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av elpa-ag
slib (3b6-3)
Portable Scheme library
slime (2:2.27+dfsg-1)
Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs (client)
stalin (0.11-7)
An extremely aggressive Scheme compiler
th-scheme-utilities (5.0.0-2)
TH Scheme Utilities library
theme-d-bootstrap (5.0.0-2)
Bootstrapped Theme-D environment
theme-d-rte (5.0.0-2)
Theme-D runtime environment
theme-d-stdlib (5.0.0-2)
Theme-D Standard Library
theme-d-translator (5.0.0-2)
Programming language extending Scheme with static typing
tiarra-conf-el (20100212+r39209-9)
edit mode for tiarra.conf
timidity-el (2.14.0-8)
Emacs front end to Timidity++
tinyscheme (1.42.svn.2020.06.04-2)
Very small scheme implementation
twittering-mode (3.1.0-1.2)
Twitter client for Emacs
uim-el (1:1.8.8-9.2+b2)
Universal Input Method - Emacs front end
verbiste-el (0.1.47-1)
transitional package, verbiste-el to elpa-verbiste
w3m-el (1.4.632+0.20210201.2305.54c3ccd-3)
simple Emacs interface of w3m
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av w3m-el-snapshot
w3m-el-snapshot (1.4.632+0.20221206.2328.4f27810-1)
simple Emacs interface of w3m (development version)
windows-el (2.55-1)
window manager for GNU Emacs
x-face-el (
utility for displaying X-Face on emacsen
yasnippet (0.14.0+git20200603.5cbdbf0d-2)
transition Package, yasnippet to elpa-yasnippet
virtuellt paket som tillhandahålls av elpa-yasnippet
yc-el (5.0.0-9)
Yet another Canna client for Emacsen
zenlisp (2013.11.22-3)
Interpreter for purely symbolic, pure, lexically scoped dialect of LISP