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Paket: ikiwiki (3.20200202.3-1)

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wiki compiler

Ikiwiki converts a directory full of wiki pages into HTML pages suitable for publishing on a website. Unlike many wikis, ikiwiki does not have its own ad-hoc means of storing page history, and instead uses a revision control system such as Subversion or Git.

Ikiwiki implements all of the other standard features of a wiki, including web-based page editing, user registration and logins, a RecentChanges page, BackLinks, search, Discussion pages, tags, smart merging and conflict resolution, and page locking.

Ikiwiki also supports generating news feeds (RSS and Atom) and blogging. Ikiwiki provides a plugin system which allows many other features to be added. Some of the plugins have additional dependencies, found among the Recommends and Suggests of this package.

Märken: Software Development: Revision Control, Implemented in: Perl, User Interface: interface::commandline, interface::web, Role: Program, Purpose: Data Conversion, use::organizing, use::text-formatting, Typesetting, World Wide Web: Blog Software, CGI, web::wiki, works-with-format::html, Supports Format: works-with-format::plaintext, works-with-format::xml:rss, Works with: Bugs or Issues, works-with::text, works-with::vcs

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