Källkodspaket i "bookworm", Undersektion education

algobox (1.1.1+dfsg-1)
algorithmics introduction - French UI
artikulate (4:22.12.3-1)
Language learning application
auto-multiple-choice (1.6.0-1)
Auto Multiple Choice - multiple choice papers management
auto-multiple-choice-common (1.6.0-1)
Auto Multiple Choice - architecture independent files
gcompris-qt (3.1-2)
educational games for small children
gcompris-qt-data (3.1-2)
data files for gcompris-qt
geogebra (
Dynamic mathematics software for education
geogebra-gnome (
GNOME integration layer for GeoGebra
jigsaw-generator (0.2.7-1)
Generate jigsaw and card sort activities for classroom use
kanadic (6.5deb2-13)
katakana and hiragana drill files for KDrill
kdrill (6.5deb2-13+b1)
kanji drill and dictionary program
progvis (0.6.2-1)
Program visualization tool for C/C++ (and others)
progvis-examples (0.6.2-1)
Set of example programs for progvis
pycode-browser (1:1.03-1)
environment to teach with Python code snippets
qabcs (1.0.2-6)
educational software to learn the alphabet and get familiar with a keyboard
qabcs-data (1.0.2-6)
data files for qabcs
scratch (
easy to use programming environment for ages 8 and up
tipp10 (3.3.0-1)
free open source touch typing software
ulcc (1.0.2-3)
teaching children by pictures
umps3 (3.0.5-1)
Virtual machine simulator based around the MIPS R2/3000 microprocessor
whitakers-words (0.2020.10.27-1.3)
Latin word parser and translation aid
whitakers-words-data (0.2020.10.27-1.3)
Latin word parser and translation aid - data