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Paket: dhcpcd-base (9.4.1-22)

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DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 dual-stack client (binaries and exit hooks)

dhcpcd provides seamless IPv4 and IPv6 auto-configuration:

 * DHCPv4 client
 * DHCPv6 client with Prefix Delegation (PD) support
 * IPv4 LL support (ZeroConf)
 * IPv6 SLAAC support
 * ARP address conflict resolution
 * ARP ping profiles
 * Wireless SSID profiles

This package provides the binaries, exit hooks and manual pages.

It offers a dual-stack substitute for ISC DHCP Client (dhclient) on systems where interfaces are configured by ifupdown via </etc/network/interfaces> using the DHCP method.

The init.d script and systemd service required for systems without ifupdown are packaged separately as dhcpcd.

Since Debian 12 (Bookworm), dhcpcd uses Predictable Network Interface Names on Linux ports. See NEWS.Debian for more details.

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