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Package yorick

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Package python-pyorick

Package python3-pyorick

Package yorick-av

Package yorick-cubeview

Package yorick-curses

Package yorick-data

Package yorick-dbg

Package yorick-dev

Package yorick-doc

Package yorick-full

Package yorick-gl

Package yorick-gy

Package yorick-gyoto

Package yorick-hdf5

Package yorick-imutil

Package yorick-mira

Package yorick-ml4

Package yorick-mpeg

Package yorick-mpy-common

Package yorick-mpy-mpich2

Package yorick-mpy-openmpi

Package yorick-optimpack

Package yorick-soy

Package yorick-spydr

Package yorick-svipc

Package yorick-yao

Package yorick-yeti

Package yorick-yeti-fftw

Package yorick-yeti-gsl

Package yorick-yeti-regex

Package yorick-yeti-tiff

Package yorick-ygsl

Package yorick-ynfft

Package yorick-yutils

Package yorick-z