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Balík: latex-make (2.1.18-2)

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easy compiling of complex (and simple) LaTeX documents

This package provides several tools that aim to simplify the compilation of LaTeX documents:

LaTeX.mk: a Makefile snippet to help compiling LaTeX documents in DVI, PDF, PS, ... format. Dependencies are automatically tracked: one should be able to compile documents with a one-line Makefile containing 'include LaTeX.mk'. Complex documents (with multiple bibliographies, indexes, glossaries, ...) should be correctly managed.

figlatex.sty: a LaTeX package to easily insert xfig figures (with \includegraphics{file.fig}). It can interact with LaTeX.mk so that the latter automatically invokes transfig if needed.

And various helper tools for LaTeX.mk

Značky: Software Development: Build Tool, Implemented in: Need an extra tag, Made Of: TeX, LaTeX and DVI, Role: role::devel-lib, role::source, Purpose: Text Formatting, Works with: Text

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