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build daemon aiming at rebuilding Debian packages

This software allows you to manage a set of jobs. Each job is a package rebuilding task. Rebuilding is done by pbuilder (or cowbuilder if you want), or anything else, since everything is customizable via configuration file. It can also send build logs by email, event each log can be sent to a different email address.

rebuildd is multi-threaded, so you can run multiple build jobs in parallel. It is also administrable via a telnet interface. A Web interface is also embedded so you can see your jobs queue and watch log file in real-time in your browser.

rebuildd is designed to be run on multiple hosts even with different architecture set, and to parallelize the rebuild tasks.

Značky: Software Development: Build Tool, Debian, devel::packaging, implemented-in::python, User Interface: Daemon, interface::web, role::program, Application Suite: Debian

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