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Balík: tumgreyspf (1.36-4)

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external policy checker for the postfix mail server

Tumgreyspf can optionally greylist and/or use spfquery to check SPF records to determine if email should be accepted by your server. The default behavior is to let emails comming from server that are SPF approved without any sort of greylisting, while all others will be greylisted.

SPF is information published by the domain owner about what systems may legitimately send e-mail for the domain. Greylisting takes advantage of spam and viruses that do not follow the RFCs and retry deliveries on temporary failure. These checks can be used as part of a mail system and allow several orders of magnitude reduction in spam, lower system load, and few problems with legitimate mail getting blocked.

Tumgreyspf uses the file-system as its database, no additional database is required to use it, see /var/lib/tumgreyspf/data and it's clean-up cron script. Also take care that tumgreyspf will block emails from any domain with DNS configured with a buggy SPF record.

Značky: Implementované v: Python, User Interface: Démon, Elektronická pošta: SMTP Protocol, Networking: network::server, protocol::smtp, Role: Program, Works with: Email

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