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Balík: libspring-security-core-2.0-java (2.0.7.RELEASE-1)

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modular Java/J2EE application security framework - Core

Spring Security is a Java/Java EE framework that provides advanced authentication, authorization and other comprehensive security features for enterprise applications. In addition to having a comprehensive list of security functionality, Spring Security is very configurable and employs the Spring Framework for configuration, it allows for reuse and portability of security components, and it can also be used with non-Spring applications.

Spring Security currently supports authentication integration with these technologies:

 - HTTP BASIC authentication headers.
 - HTTP Digest authentication headers.
 - HTTP X.509 client certificate exchange.
 - LDAP.
 - Form-based authentication
 - Transparent authentication context propagation for Remote Method
   Invocation (RMI) and HttpInvoker (a Spring remoting protocol).
 - Automatic "remember-me" authentication.
 - Anonymous authentication.
 - Run-as authentication.
 - Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS)
 - Container integration with JBoss, Jetty, Resin and Tomcat.

This package provides spring-security-core.jar and spring-security-core-tiger.jar: Core framework functionality.

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