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Balík: libm17n-0-dbg (1.6.3-2)

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multilingual text processing library - debugging symbols

The m17n library is a multilingual text processing library for the C language. This library has following features:

 - The m17n library is an open source software.
 - The m17n library for any Linux/Unix applications.
 - The m17n library realizes multilingualization of many aspects of
 - The m17n library represents multilingual text as an object named
   M-text.  M-text is a string with attributes called text properties,
   and designed to substitute for string in C.  Text properties carry any
   information required to input, display and edit the text.
 - The m17n library  supports functions to handle M-texts.

m17n is an abbreviation of Multilingualization.

This package contains unstripped shared libraries. it is provided primarily to provide a backtrace with names in a debugger, this makes it somewhat easier to interpret core dumps. The libraries are installed in /usr/lib/debug and can be used by placing that directory in LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Most people will not need this package.

Značky: Software Development: Knižnice

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amd64 47.3 kB219.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
armel 54.0 kB215.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
armhf 52.3 kB208.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
i386 45.8 kB182.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
ia64 48.1 kB222.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
kfreebsd-amd64 47.2 kB173.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
kfreebsd-i386 45.7 kB137.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
mips 53.1 kB212.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
mipsel 50.7 kB212.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
powerpc 55.7 kB228.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
s390 53.3 kB194.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
s390x 48.8 kB215.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
sparc 47.0 kB180.0 kB [zoznam súborov]