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Balík: linux-patch-grsecurity2 (2.9.1+3.2.21-201206221855-1)

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grsecurity kernel patch

This patch provides enhanced security to the Linux kernel. It includes a robust ACL system, extensive auditing capabilities and measures to stop the most common methods of exploiting a system. These include limited chroot(), fork() rate limiting, various network limiting and randomizing options, memory page protection on i386, sparc, sparc64, alpha, parisc, amd64, ia64, and ppc, restricting mprotect(), random PIDs, and much more.

This patch conflicts with the LSM patch, they both change the same things so the patches can't both apply.

Furthermore, 2.4.2x versions of this patch will not apply to Debian kernels 2.4.20 and above. You will have to use vanilla kernel sources to apply this patch. Reasons are documented in README.2.4.2x contained within the package.

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