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Balík: snowdrop (0.02b-10)

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plain text watermarking and watermark recovery

Snowdrop provides reliable, difficult to remove stenographic watermarking of text documents (internal memos, draft research papers, advisories and other writing) and C sources (limited distribution software, licensed software, or freely available code) so that:

 (1) leaks can be identified if the data goes public
 (2) original source can be determined and demonstrated if part of the
     document is claimed by somebody else, copied without permission, etc
Snowdrop uses redundant steganography using four different logical channels, and should be proof to many modifications, including reformatting, spell checking and so on.

Warning: Snowdrop is currently in beta, and may produce bad or corrupted results, especially when run on C source code.

Značky: User Interface: Príkazový riadok, Role: Program, Scope: scope::utility, security::integrity, Works with: Text

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