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Balík: mew-beta (7.0.50~6.5~rc2+0.20120405-1)

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mail reader supporting PGP/MIME for Emacs (development version)

Mew (Messaging in the Emacs World) is a user interface for text messages, multimedia messages (MIME), news articles and security functionality including PGP, S/MIME, SSH and SSL.

The features of Mew are as follows:

 - POP, SMTP, NNTP and IMAP are supported.
 - You can easily display a very complicated structured message.
 - You can start to read messages before they are all fully listed.
 - For refiling, default folders are neatly suggested.
 - You can complete field names, e-mail addresses, receiver's names,
   domain names and folder names.
 - You can easily search messages with keywords etc.
 - Thread, a mechanism to display the flow of messages, is supported.

This package provides a development snapshot version of Mew. To use a stable version of Mew, install the mew package instead of this package.

Značky: User Interface: Príkazový riadok, Elektronická pošta: Protokol IMAP, POP3 Protocol, mail::smtp, mail::user-agent, Networking: Klient, Network Protocol: IMAP, protocol::nntp, protocol::pop3, SMTP, Role: Program, Security: security::cryptography, suite::emacs, Purpose: Editory, Works with: Email

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