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Balík: gtk-gnutella (0.98.3-1)

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shares files in a peer to peer network

Gtk-Gnutella is a reliable and efficient Gnutella client, supporting the latest Gnutella protocol, bandwidth limitation (both incoming and outgoing) traffic compression, and advanced search filters among other features.

Gnutella is a peer-based file-sharing protocol that allows a user running a Gnutella client to search for and download files from other Gnutella users, as well as share some files of his/her own.

Gtk-Gnutella offers all the extra features you expect from a modern client: persistent downloads, searches and filters, intuitive interface, upload statistics, queuing, and of course total control over many configuration parameters.

Značky: Implemented in: C, User Interface: Command Line, interface::x11, network::client, Role: Program, Scope: Application, Interface Toolkit: uitoolkit::gtk, use::downloading, Works with: Súbory, X Window System: Application

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Architektúra Veľkosť balíka Nainštalovaná veľkosť Súbory
amd64 16,548.6 kB32,366.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
armel 16,393.1 kB31,502.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
armhf 16,291.0 kB30,767.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
i386 16,544.2 kB32,210.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
ia64 17,433.0 kB36,486.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
kfreebsd-amd64 16,546.3 kB32,221.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
kfreebsd-i386 16,541.0 kB32,067.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
mips 16,381.8 kB32,095.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
mipsel 16,390.2 kB32,105.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
powerpc 16,499.6 kB31,998.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
s390 16,520.2 kB32,041.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
s390x 16,594.1 kB32,639.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
sparc 16,415.3 kB31,827.0 kB [zoznam súborov]