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Balík: gnome-alsamixer (0.9.7~cvs.20060916.ds.1-3)

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ALSA sound mixer for GNOME

A "volume control" application. You can use it to adjust the volume of different sound sources of your sound card.

It has a nice graphical user interface and a lot of features:

 - access to all of your computers sound cards and audio sources
 - possibility to give them custom names
 - only display the mixer controls you need
 - access to all the extra features some sound cards offer, like
   3d enhancement, microphone gain boost...
 - and more

This application uses the ALSA sound API, you cannot use it if you use the (older) OSS drivers for your sound card(s). In return, it gives you access to all the functionality ALSA provides with the "alsamixer" program, found in the "alsa-utils" package.

Značky: User Interface: X Window System, Role: Program, Scope: Utility, Sound and Music: sound::mixer, suite::gnome, Interface Toolkit: GTK, Works with: Audio

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Architektúra Veľkosť balíka Nainštalovaná veľkosť Súbory
amd64 55.6 kB158.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
armel 55.2 kB476.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
armhf 52.3 kB466.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
i386 55.4 kB482.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
ia64 63.1 kB539.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
mips 51.3 kB480.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
mipsel 51.2 kB480.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
powerpc 53.0 kB479.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
s390 56.8 kB487.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
s390x 58.0 kB499.0 kB [zoznam súborov]
sparc 52.3 kB473.0 kB [zoznam súborov]