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Balík: syslog-ng (3.3.5-4)

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Next generation system logging daemon (metapackage)

syslog-ng is an enhanced syslog daemon, supporting, amongst others:

 * Powerful configurability, while still being readable
 * Filtering on any part of the syslog message
 * Support for both legacy BSD and the new syslog protocol
 * Wide range of source and destination drivers, including TCP
   (plain, or over SSL/TLS), UDP, SQL, MongoDB
 * Also supports fine-grained output format control
 * Multi-threaded operation

The wide range of plugins make syslog-ng able to perform well in every situation, ranging from enterprise-class centralised deployments, through personal computers to ad-hoc connected networks.

This package is a metapackage, depending on the rest of syslog-ng, including all available plugins. It can be safely removed, if only parts of syslog-ng need to be installed.

Značky: System Administration: Účtovníctvo, System Boot, Jadro alebo moduly, admin::logging, admin::monitoring, User Interface: Démon, Networking: network::server, role::metapackage, Role: Program, Purpose: Kontrola, use::monitor, use::storing, Works with: System Logs

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