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Balík: tahoe-lafs (1.12.1-1)

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Secure distributed file store

Tahoe, the Least Authority File Store, is a distributed filesystem that features high reliability, strong security properties, and a fine-grained sharing model. Files are encrypted, signed, erasure-coded, then distributed over multiple servers, such that any (configurable) subset of the servers will be sufficient to recover the data. The default 3-of-10 configuration tolerates up to 7 server failures before data becomes unrecoverable.

Tahoe offers "provider-independent security": the confidentiality and integrity of your data do not depend upon the behavior of the servers. The use of erasure-coding means that reliability and availability depend only upon a subset of the servers.

Tahoe files are accessed through a RESTful web API, a human-oriented web server interface, and CLI tools.

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