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Balík: afbackup-common (3.5.3-3)

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Client-Server Backup System (common files)

This is a client-server backup system offering several workstations a centralized backup to a special backup server. Backing up only one computer is easily possible, too. Any streaming device can be used for writing the data to it, usually this will be a tape device. Writing backups is normally done sequentially: The next writing to tape goes to the end of the previous write no matter where you have restored from in the meantime.

 - Authentication of the client is performed before it can take over control
 - Access restriction for the streamer device -> security
 - Client-side per-file compression -> reliability
 - Data stream is written to tape in pieces -> fast finding of files
 - Tape position logging for each file
 - Tape capacity is fully used
 - Full / incremental backups
 - Raw partitions can be backed up
 - Client and Server buffering for maximal throughput is done

Note: Tk is required if you want to use the graphical configuration tool instead of the text configuration tool.

Značky: System Administration: Backup and Restoration, Hardware Enablement: Storage, Implemented in: Tcl, Tool Command Language, User Interface: Command Line, Networking: Service, Role: Application Data, Purpose: Storing, Works with: Súbory

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