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Balík: med-config (1.8)

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Debian Med general config package

This package provides the basic infrastructure of all med-* packages and is needed by them.

This package provides some files which are common to all med-* packages. Moreover it introduces a method to handle system users in a group med using debconf.

Other packages in Debian Med Project are:

 * med-bio         biological research
 * med-bio-dev     developing applications in biological research
 * med-cloud       command line biol. applications for cloud computing
 * med-data        drug databases
 * med-epi         epidemiology
 * med-imaging     image processing
 * med-imaging-dev developing applications for image processing
 * med-pharmacy    pharmaceutical research
 * med-physics     radiation oncology, diagnostic imaging, related fields
 * med-practice    general practitioners
 * med-psychology  psychological research
 * med-statistics  miscellaneous tools medical for statistics
 * med-tools       contains miscellaneous tools
 * med-typesetting depends from useful tools for typesetting

Note: All these packages are so called metapackages. This means they are not executable programs, but only links to other packages. This way you will conveniently get all the non-commercial medical software which is available for Debian GNU/Linux.

Značky: System Administration: Configuration Tool, Application Suite: Debian

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