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The Iceape Internet Suite

The Iceape Internet Suite is an unbranded Seamonkey Internet Suite suitable for free distribution. The Seamonkey Internet Suite is a set of Internet oriented applications. It is the continuity of the Mozilla Suite after it has been abandoned in favor of Firefox and Thunderbird.

The Iceape Internet Suite consists of:

 - an Internet browser (Iceape Navigator)
 - an HTML WYSIWYG editor (Iceape Composer)
 - a Mail and News client (Iceape Mail & Newsgroups)
 - an Address Book (Iceape Address Book)
 - an IRC client (Chatzilla)
 - a Calendar (Iceape Calendar) (not officially in the suite)

This is a metapackage that depends on the main components of this suite. It is here to ease upgrades, installations, and provide a consistent upgrade path from previous versions.

It can safely be removed with no ill effects.

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