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Balík: liblink-grammar4-java (4.6.7-1)

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Carnegie Mellon University's link grammar parser (JNI library)

In Selator, D. and Temperly, D. "Parsing English with a Link Grammar" (1991), the authors defined a new formal grammatical system called a "link grammar". A sequence of words is in the language of a link grammar if there is a way to draw "links" between words in such a way that the local requirements of each word are satisfied, the links do not cross, and the words form a connected graph. The authors encoded English grammar into such a system, and wrote this program to parse English using this grammar.

link-grammar can be used for linguistic parsing for information retrieval or extraction from natural language documents. It can also be used as a grammar checker.

This package a Java JNI library for using link-grammar from your java applications.

Značky: : qa::low-popcon

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