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Balík: ttf-kochi-gothic (20030809-9)

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Kochi Subst Gothic Japanese TrueType font without naga10

ttf-kochi-gothic is high quality, Japanese gothic TrueType font. It does not include naga10 font, so it's DFSG-free.

The family of ttf-kochi-* is very smooth and beautiful compared with current free Japanese TrueType fonts. It has bitmap hinting information, so it's beautiful and not jagged to display on the CRT. This font is suitable for both printing and displaying Japanese characters.

Transition warning: Upstream development of the kochi fonts has been discontinued. The author of this font suggests as a replacement the use of the kochi-based "sazanami" font. So if you want to usea font like this one, consider using "ttf-sazanami-gothic", instead.

Značky: Culture: japončina, Made Of: Font, Role: Standalone Data

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Kochi Subst Gothic Japanese TrueType font with naga10 (non-free)

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