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Balík: php-xml-serializer (0.20.0-2.1)

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swiss-army knife for reading and writing XML files

XML_Serializer creates XML files from data structures and vice versa. It serializes complex data structures like arrays or objects as XML documents. You can create any XML document without the need for DOM access. This package includes an unserializer facility that creates PHP data structures (like arrays and objects) from XML documents, if type hints are available. If not, it will try to guess how it has to be unserialized, doing exactly what you expect it to do in most cases.

Since version 0.8.0 the package is able to treat XML documents similar to the simplexml extension of PHP 5.

Značky: Software Development: PHP Development, Knižnice, Implemented in: PHP, : qa::rfa, Role: Development Library, Program, Shared Library, Source Code, Purpose: Data Conversion, Editing, World Wide Web: Scripting, Works with: Súbory, Supports Format: XML, RSS Rich Site Summary

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