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Balík: isdnutils (1:3.9.20060704+dfsg.2-4.1)

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ISDN utilities - dependency package

This package depends on the most frequently used components for an ISDN system using an internal adapter; they are not required for an external adapter.

The isdnutils suite is split up into component packages, to make it easier to fine-tune what is installed; hardly anyone needs everything. However, it's not possible to select what is needed automatically. This dependency package just ensures the most important components are installed, and can be safely removed again once that is done.

The component packages involved are:

 * isdnutils-base:   the basic set of ISDN utilities;
 * ipppd:            for networking over ISDN with syncPPP;
 * isdnlog:          for logging ISDN calls (and much more);
 * isdnutils-xtools: graphical utilities (xisdnload and xmonisdn);
 * isdnvboxclient:   ISDN answering machine client;
 * isdnvboxserver:   ISDN answering machine server.

It also suggests the following optional extras:

 * capiutils:        CAPI utilities;
 * isdnutils-doc:    additional documentation;
 * pppdcapiplugin:   a CAPI plugin for the normal PPP daemon.

Značky: Hardware Enablement: Modem, Role: Metapackage, Purpose: Dialup Access

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