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Balík: typo3-dummy (4.3.0-4.1)

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web content management system

TYPO3 is an enterprise-level content management system for use on the web and in intranets. It is flexible, extensible, and well supplied with ready-made interfaces, functions, and modules.

Its key features are:

 * simple creation of multi-language websites with fallback to a default
 * handling of multi-domain websites within a single page tree;
 * multi-user backend editing via a completely customizable GUI using an
   advanced ACL system;
 * an integrated workflow management system based on a multi-tier
   architecture with editor and supervisor privileges;
 * unlimited redefinition of the rendering process using the built-in
   TypoScript configuration interface or the plugin API;
 * thousands of plugins available in the online TYPO3 extension repository.

This package provides the basic directory structure to start a fresh website based on TYPO3. It includes scripts to register the site in Apache, with a default configuration intended for single vhost installations. TYPO3 can also be configured to work with several vhosts and a single src-dir, but such setups require some manual configuration.

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