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Balík: jigdo-file (0.7.3-3)

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Download Debian CD images from any Debian mirror

Using the jigdo-lite script contained in this package, you can use your nearest "regular" Debian mirror to download Debian CD images, instead of having to use one of the few, slow, overloaded mirrors that offer the images as direct HTTP or FTP downloads. See <http://www.debian.org/CD/jigdo-cd/> for details.

Jigsaw Download, or short jigdo, is a scheme developed primarily to make it easy to distribute huge filesystem images (e.g. CD (ISO9660) or DVD (UDF) images) over the internet, but it could also be used for other data which is awkward to handle due to its size, like audio/video files or large software packages.

jigdo tries to ensure that the large file is downloaded in small parts which can be stored on different servers. People who want to download the image do so by telling the jigdo download tool to process one ".jigdo" file; using it, jigdo downloads the parts and reassembles the image. jigdo-file is used to prepare the files for download.

Značky: User Interface: Command Line, Network Protocol: FTP, HTTP, Role: Program, Scope: Utility, Purpose: Downloading, Works with: Archive, Supports Format: ISO 9660 CD Filesystem, X Window System: Application

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