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command-line plotting utility

ctioga is a command-line utility to plot scientific data. It produces high quality PDF files with text processed with pdflatex. It is based on the Tioga library, written by one of the creators of the postscript language.

Among other advantages, lets name a few:

 - it is very easy to do simple things
   (plotting a simple text file doesn't take more than a second or two)
 - output can be configured to a very deep level
 - it features a plugin backend system that takes care of
   reading data files, it is very easy to enhance existing backends
   or add new file formats (such as binary ones).
 - the text on the graph is much better than in most other plotting
   programs as it is handled by LaTeX
 - it features many fancy effects, such as filled curves, transparency,
   the ability to make insets (zooms, for instance), nice histograms,
   and many other interesting things !

mdbtools is required for the MDB backend, but most of the users probably won't need this particular backend, so you can ignore it.

imagemagick is necessary for PNG output

Značky: Implemented in: Ruby, User Interface: Command Line, Role: Program, Purpose: Data Visualization

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