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Balík: clamav-data (20100731.220300.11466)

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Zdroje Debian:

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clamav data files

This package contains data files for clamav and was automatically generated by clamav-getfiles from the identically named package.

If you have downloaded this package from an "official" Debian release, the databases contained here are most certainly outdated. Please check if you can use clamav-freshclam to do automatic updates, or use clamav-getfiles to generate your own clamav-data packages.

If you can't obtain your own current database files, you can apt more recent database files from the Debian-volatile archive. See http://volatile.debian.net for details.

Značky: User Interface: Command Line, Electronic Mail: Filters, Role: Application Data, Security: Anti-Virus, Works with: Súbory, Email

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anti-virus utility for Unix - virus database update utility

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