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Balík: librevm0 (1:0.8a25-3)

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The Reverse Engineering Vector Machine

Librevm is a compact library that includes the Eresi interpreter. REVM is a central piece of software in the ERESI framework as it exports a complete API for interpreting programs written in the Eresi language independently of the binary format, architecture, or Operating System environment.

The main features of the REVM library are :

 * A complete interpreter of the Eresi language (foreach, match, gotos,
   arithmetics ..)
 * Generation of graphviz input files from Control Flow Graphs (CFG) and
   Call Graphs of analyzed binary programs, using the analysis API of the
   Eresi component libmjollnir.
 * Full resolved disassembling of sections, functions, or basic blocks,
   using features from the Eresi disassembly engine libasm.
 * A configuration system allowing user variables, for personalizing the
   REVM behavior for your own convenience.
 * A generic API of Eresi commands to manage prompt, workspaces, and
   terminal colors.
 * A generic module system for dynamically loaded Eresi extensions.
 * Handling of I/O for receiving commands from readline or from the
   network (optional).
 * Capability of logging work sessions on disk for future consultation.

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